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Fabulous Yankee Aromatic Candles + Discount!

I received a parcel from Pure Senses following my trip to Bangkok. Inside it was a jar of Yankee Candle, America's best-loved candles. Timing has never been better. After days of shopping, I needed something to “recharge” my batteries.
I could immediately smell the aromatic Sage & White Tea scent upon opening the jar. The "cooling Sage & strengthening White tea create a blissful formula that clears away anxieties & lifts the spirits"; perfect after a hard day’s work or for people seeking to unwind.

After snipping off part of the wick as instructed, I lighted it & a heavenly-perfumed scent engulfed my home. I left it in the living room & about 2hrs later, my hubby came home. “Mmmm… smells nice. What’s that, something you bought from Bangkok?” I smiled & went on explaining, showing him the lovely jar I got.
Don't go yet! Check out the discount you can get here!!

I’ve used many scented-candles before but none of the fragrance lasted an entire day. As described on the bottle, these Yankee candles have proven restorative powers of Aromatherapy SPA. Guided by ancient knowledge & modern research, their master aromatherapists have carefully created this special blend of pure essential oils, the most potent form of a plant's aroma, to enhance your well-being & make every day special.

This is a perfect gift idea or for any special occasions coming up. It can also be used as a centerpiece by surrounding the jar with your favourite flowers. The aromatic smell & warming glow of a burning candle will add atmosphere, charm & romance to any room.

Priced @ the usual S$39.90, Pure Senses has kindly offered readers here a whopping 20% discount off their best-selling Aromatherapy Spa Tumbler Candle - Sage & White Tea, when you purchase it @ their e-store! Simply key in the coupon code “ LUXSHIRLEY" (not case-sensitive) when you check-out your orders. Offers valid till 31st Oct, 2010.

What’s more? You’ll get Free Shipping* on orders over S$50! *Check e-store for details.

Inhale the intoxicating redolence of herbs & tea leaves in the tranquil of your own home. Take advantage of this offer now to get this long-lasting fragrance, for an enduring relationship with friends & family!


  1. Sage and White Tea sounds wonderful! I love aromatherapy - so rejuvenating :)

  2. Their website looks interesting. Will go to town & try out the scent :> Thanks for sharing!

  3. Denise, I can't resist aromatherapy too :)

    Babel, good idea! U've got your weekends covered :)

  4. I found your blog so interesting. And love the candle..keep posting like this.

  5. I love having that home away from home feeling! A sense of serenity and peace…..Today, you can get a $40 gift certificate for only $20 from Senica offers the best in natural products for bath, body, hair and home. Our therapeutic and aromatic products are made from nature's finest ingredients that enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.

  6. I love aromatherapy. And when burning aromatherapy candles I feel their impact on our mindset as well as our feelings. Thanks for the nice post.

    1. Thks for visiting & your wonderful comments! Have a wonderful week!

  7. Once you have one of those jetted bathtubs installed in the home, the next step would be selecting the best scented candle to complete that spa experience.

    1. Frances, awesome! Great having u here with us :)


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