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Fabulous Italian Food @ Forlino

Review Featured @ S'pore Dine

With all-round magnificent waterfront views of the Marina Bay & the Esplanade area, I was immediately taken in by this classy & chic award-winning Italian restaurant, which spotted a cozy, luxe ambience.
Right from where I was seated, I was greeted by the iconic Merlion.

I like the fact that these days, restaurants have started paying attention to the ladies’ best friend, which is none other than our precious tote bag. A cute stool is seated alongside every table for us to place our bags & I kinda like that initiative. Plus, a row of smarty-dressed men in black suits were waiting to serve us at one of Singapore’s finest Italian restaurants, Forlino. I couldn’t wait, but ordered a glass of champagne to go with my Degustation Menu @ S$148.

A plate of warm homemade bread was served together with the Amuse Bousche. The mixture of cheese tasted rich but not too overwhelming. I like it! But my partner & I weren’t too sure if we were supposed to eat it with the bread. Nonetheless, the bread tasted good alone. It was a little crispy on the outside & really soft inside. The manager said we could ask for more if we like, as it’s a popular item in the restaurant.

An object d’art soon arrived on our table. The beautiful garden display was actually a Crab Salad with Wild Rucola, Sweet Pea Leaves & Cantaloupe. The Chef cleverly takes the appetizer into a different spectrum by incorporating the use of edible flowers, which makes it a delightful start.

This Pan Roasted King Scallops, bursting with flavours of the sea, was simply served with French Beans lined with Hazelnuts. This fresh shellfish brought joy & satisfaction to seafood lovers like myself.

Next on the table was a Pasta dish – Tagliatelle with Duck Confit & Goose Liver. I’d requested to omit the duck confit as I don’t fancy duck meat. So did I get a bigger slice of Foie Gras? No idea, but the piece of delicacy is more than enough to meet my cholesterol level for the day. The pasta, infused with flavours from the goose liver, was dancing in my mouth even after I’d wiped out the entire plate. Thumbs up!

Sad to say, the next dish wasn’t done to my liking. I love Suckling Pig, Chinese style, & it has to be perfectly done. The Roasted Suckling Pig was a little soggy, not the crispy skin which I was expecting. Hence, I didn’t really touch the dish.

Well, the final course lifted my mood & compensated for the disappointment I had in my last dish. The Liquorice Crème Brulee came in a tiny cute ramekin, a perfect size for a lady. The Raspberry Gelato with fresh fruits, with a tinge of sourness, was a pleasant combination.

The overall dinner, ambience & the professionalism of the staff were impeccable, making me easily forgive the oversight of the Suckling Pig dish.

#02-06 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Tel: (65) 6877 6995


  1. Nice scenery! And those plates of food is just so beautiful to look at.

  2. That's such an indulgent treat! And the stand for handbag? Simply brilliant! Not to mention the colourful dishes! Ah.. I wish there's a branch in Malaysia..

  3. Shirley, thanks so much for being so supportive and encouraging. I'm really appreciate it and thanks for the vote. Eventhough, I don't make it to the next round. I am truely happy because I realized that I've so many supporters. And you guys are fantastic. I think that's the best gift ever! Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Best regards, Kristy

  4. Btw, those food really well presented!

  5. Very artistic presentations here - a terrific meal!!!

  6. Very beautiful food!! Simply stunning! I love degustation menus, don't you?

  7. the place looks nice and exclusive. must be expensive... :)

  8. Penny, I'm sure they're making u hungry too!

    iamthewitch, would love to fine dine in M'sia one day :)

    Kristy, U're one of those nice bloggers that have won my support & friendship!

    5 Star F, some looks too good to be eaten :)

    Denise, degustation menu's d best way to go food tasting & not get fat. LOL!

    Papabear, I must agree it's a little ex...

  9. I love the idea of the little stools next to the seats, very classy. The dishes are beautifully presented, and sounds like they were an overall hit :) Great review Shirley...
    P.S. I just noticed your reply to Denise...I am laughing so hard I am crying :)


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