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Cute Little Steamed Tofu

With its soft and extremely smooth texture, the Extra Silken Tofu adds a boast to soup or steam dishes that needs a smooth finishing to enhance the total gourmet taste.

I wanted some soft diet for dinner & so I thought of steaming some tofu with minced pork. For those who can’t take pork, simply substitute the meat with chicken or even seafood. I’ve used the Premium Abalone Sauce to have a richer taste instead of Oyster Sauce.

This recipe is hot!! It has been featured @ PtitChef & AllrecipesAsia!

Here’s what you need:
1 Pack of Extra Silken Tofu (350g)
100g Minced pork/chicken
4 Wolfberries
Parsley for garnish

5 Chinese mushrooms (diced)
2 Slices of onion (diced)
½ tsp Minced garlic
½ tsp Grated ginger
½ tsp Corn flour
1 tsp Premium Abalone sauce
½ Soya sauce
½ Sesame oil
½ Chinese cooking wine
Dash of pepper

Stock from steamed tofu
½ tsp Premium Abalone sauce
½ Sesame oil
1 tsp Cornstarch
Dash of Chinese wine

  1. Mix meat with ingredients A for at least an hour.
  2. Cut tofu into squares. Using a teaspoon, gently make a small hole in each tofu. Don’t worry about the uneven shape cause it won’t be visible once you cover with meat.
  3. Roll meat into a small dough & insert into hole. Place a wolfberry on each tofu.
  4. Steam tofu for about 10mins, ensuring meat is thoroughly cooked. Remove from steamer & drain stock into small pan to make stock.
  5. Garnish with parsley & drizzle Abalone sauce over tofu. Serve hot.
Cute Little Steamed Tofu on Foodista


  1. I like favourite. I can even have that for lunch.

  2. Really love the way you present your food. A simple dish but looks so tempting when presented by you.

  3. I have to tell you, that icon you have on your google profile that reads "I have a black belt in shopping" is very funny.

    Lately, I have been cooking with lots of tofu because my wifey is a recently become vegetarian. Thank you for saring this dish. I will add it to my lineup.

    Thank you for joining in the conversation yesterday. I am excited to spark up a friendship with you.

    Be well

  4. Mary, looks like we've another in common :)

    Deli S, glad u like it!

    Penny, Tofu's really so economical to make.

    Lazaro, the avatar was bestowed upon me by a close friend. Hahaha! Well, I've got another Tofu dish coming up next. Let's toast to a new start!

  5. Shirley this is such a great recipe and looks like it would make a beautiful side as well :) I have to got to work, but will check back later :)

  6. This look absolutely stunning - a piece of art. I love tofu mmm.

  7. M. Spice, thks for taking the time!

    Ben, u're sweet!

  8. This looks like a terrific recipe I would love to try! Thank you so much for voting for me today :)


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