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The Cocktail Challenge!

As a Flight Attendant, we’ve to learn to prepare numerous cocktails for passengers on board the plane. I haven’t really made any of these drinks since I left the airline years ago.

cocktail challenge
I’d like to thank Denise of Quickies on the Dinner Table for giving me the marvellous opportunity to put on my thinking cap to compose my own cocktail.

The competition is up & the prize will be a copy of Quickies: Morning, Noon and Night Cookbook! This is Denise first cookbook & she had written it “with the aim of providing inspiration to anyone who's ever felt too tired or too uninspired to cook, or who has the pizza delivery number on speed dial.”

Timing has never been better, as I’ve just received a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne from an old friend of mine. Taking an Oriental approach to a Champagne Cocktail, I mixed it with my beloved Choya Umeshu, a Japanese Fruit Liqueur & added a tinge of Apple Cidar. Can you see the gold sparkle on the rim of the glass? I’ve used Peppermint Tea to add a minty touch & a rustic charm to the drink.

how to fix luxury champagne cocktail
10ml Apple Cidar
15ml Choya
1 Ume (from the Choya bottle)
Top with Champagne
Add Peppermint Tea to rim
* For those who prefer to have less alcoholic content, substitute Champagne with Sprite

It was no easy feat though as besides creating the cocktail, I’ll have to come up with a fancy, sexy name too. Since this is my 1st challenge making a cocktail, I decided to name it after my blog, “Luxury Haven”, a seductive cocktail specially created for the sophisticated ladies! And, what's better than getting a celebrity to add some gold dust to the Cocktail Challenge & to the newly-launched "Luxury Haven"?

how to fix delicious moet chandon champagne
The concoction is a ferocious perk-me-up addictive drink. The Apple Cidar lifted the entire romantic atmosphere & adds a distinctive sourish taste to the sparkling wine. The luminary “Luxury Haven” is unabashedly opulent & is out to seduce you. This new marriage between the East & West will definitely put you in a sexy mood.

I'm submitting this special drink to Quickies: Morning, Noon & Night Cooking Challenge, jointly hosted by Lazaro Cooks & Quickies on the Dinner Table. Thank you again, for the wonderful opportunity! Hop over to these two fantastic sites now & take a look at other great entries :)

moet chandon coctails featured at ardent epicure
This Creation is also Featured @ The Ardent Epicure!


  1. Ooh la la! Shirley! What a beautiful drink you've concocted! I really think this will be very refreshing and utterly delicious. You are making my job as cocktail judge, very, very difficult!! YIKES!!! Thank goodness, the decision is not entirely on my shoulders!

    Best of luck my dear :)

  2. Ooh! Luxury heaven indeed. Nice name and i think it really matched the cocktail. I especially like the gold rim on the glass - it really does give the cocktail a special touch. I have already been amazed by your previous post on lobster affair whereby u prepared the BLOODY MARY LOBSTER with the frosted rim, let alone this. And the way u have the picture taken from the mirror - marvellous! I love it. Mmmm..... the drink must be yummy too.

  3. Awesome! You're making me thirsty!
    Definitely a sexy drink & I'm already in a mood for romance....

  4. That is a classy cocktail! I am sure it is strong!

  5. Hi,
    Nice cocktail , Hope you have enjoyed the drink.
    Cotton Terry Bathrobes

  6. A very intriguing concoction here!

  7. great idea and I wish you good luck in the challenge, it's a good idea to replace champagne with sprite.

    P.S. I have became your follower as well. Thanx a lot for following my blog..and oh yea..I'm tempted to visit Japan again..well I've been making it an annual affair since the year 2007..hehe

  8. Denise, glad u like the cocktail! Perhaps I should bribe the 2 judges with this sexy drink? Hahaha!

    Deli S, thks for the lovely comments! It took me a while to come up with these pix :)

    Babel, perhaps u could try this drink on your special occasions??

    Penny, classy it is but not that strong :) Definitely won't get u drunk. LOL!

    Maddy, I love it!

    5 Star F, mmmm.... indeed! Good luck to u too :)

    Of Travels, thks! Japan is my regular trip too :)

  9. Shirley, what a sexy drink this is and with a sexy name as well! Wishing you all the best.
    p/s I'm not sure the result time but I'll keep you inform who is the lucky winner.

  10. Wonderful addition to the contest. Very enticing cocktail indeed. Look forward to following your culinary adventures here.

  11. Kristy, I love this drink! Hahaha!

    Erika, thks!

    L. Cooks, thks for dropping by & looking fwd to sharing!


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