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Penguin Watching In Melbourne

Fairy Penguins in Melbourne Zoo.Image via Wikipedia
Penguins are living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. But there are also the Little or Fairy Penguins, that can be found on the coastlines of southern Australia & New Zealand.

phillip island penguin parade watching tour
I guess the nearest place to go from Singapore to see these flightless birds is Melbourne. Hence, I made my pilgrimage to the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island during one of my trips to Australia.

Before joining the Penguins at dusk as they emerge from the surf & waddle to their burrows, I’d the chance to get close to koalas & kangaroos in their natural habitats.

I also had the opportunity to embark on the Puffing Billy Steam Train Ride, one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. So what's so special about this train ride? How is it different from your other rides?

Well, the most thrilling part was..... I could stick my legs out of the window throughout the entire journey. Yes, I was practically sitting on the window ledge. It was so fun!

After spending about half a day in the scenic Dandenong Ranges, I was off to the Penguin Parade for the main attraction. For the 1-day tour, there were couple of options. I chose the Private Penguin Parade viewing option, which came with my own personal ranger. I was also supplied with a warm waterproof jacket, binoculars & mat so I could sit comfortably on an exclusive viewing area of the beach instead of squeezing with the crowd.

Despite the additional "blanket", the weather @ 2°C was no joke. Sitting by the beach, the cold wind tested my endurance. The beach was almost silent as everyone was on the look-out for the Fairy Penguins appearing anytime. My patience was soon rewarded when I finally heard noisy Penguins squabbling & making their way up the shore.

These cute little Penguins are so adorable. If only I could get closer to cuddle them. There were much more of these Penguins than expected; flights after flights were emerging from the sea, marching & making their nightly ritual on Phillip Island. It was a bewitching sight! I was ecstatic when I managed to get this pix with these charming birds.

Is this pix for real? Actually, to protect these little Penguins, no photo-taking is allowed. I'd paid for this at a photo-stand @ the Visitor Centre. LOL! Well, it's better than nothing at all. I'll definitely be back to this lovely island!


  1. Absolutely fantastic...They are so adorable, and lovely post:) Love the photos, so you are actually feeding the kangaroo then? :)

  2. Wow, so gorgeous. Looks like Happy Feet :). I've been to Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, yet to visit Melbourne.

  3. How adorable! Thanks for an engaging read :) I have never seen a penguin so close up before. I may just take the same trip. Love the train ride - must have been quite an experience!!

  4. Magic of Spice, I actually got to feed the animals. It was a lovely experience :)

    Thristhan, be sure to keep MEL in your to-visit list! Thks for dropping by!

    Denise, glad u've enjoyed reading. It was one of those unforgettable trips & you should try :)

  5. That's an awesome trip. I love trips where I can see some animals or have some adventures. Penguins are one of my favourite animals. They look so cure. Remind me of Happy Feet :D This is sure one place I would love to go. Thanks very much for sharing, Shirley.

  6. I'm a animal lover and the penguins are so adorable. Lovely post.
    Please visit my new site and join a little giveaway.

  7. Those penguins are absolutely darling :D
    *kisses* HH

  8. lovely post.. i didnt visit much places in Melbourne when i was there..

  9. Mary, I love to be around animals, like doing farmstay. Yes, yes, penguins = Happy Feet! Hahaha!

    Simply Life, I think so too :)

    Anncoo, thks! Visited your blog & left my comments :)

    H. Housewife, aren't they adorable??

    Carol, thks for dropping by!

  10. Hey, thanks for your lovely comment on my Blue Mountains trip! Should you have a chance to visit Sydney, you should go for that trip because it is so so so worth it!

    The 2nd part of the trip will be up in a couple of days. Too many pictures, too little time. Heh! =)


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