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My Humble House By Sam Leong

The ingenious Chef Sam Leong, oversees this contemporary Chinese restaurant, owned by the Tung Lok Group. My Humble House is among the 3 S’pore restaurants that has been ranked in the world’s top 100 list.

It was one of those World Gourmet Summit award-winning menus that I’d to try, a 5-course set lunch “Someone Is Singing Behind The Mountain” @ S$80++ per person. You’ll soon notice that besides the fascinating interior of the artistic restaurant, the dishes also come with interesting melodic names. Here’s giving you an insight to My Humble House, the Asian Restaurant of the Year....
Just upon entering My Humble House, you’ll be greeted by a lounge area where you & your friends can chill out before your meals. As the waitress walked you through the dining hall, you see different settings of furniture, one of which includes the Chilli-red high-back chairs.
If you’re a tourist or a couple looking for a romantic Chinese cuisine, you may wanna choose a table with splendid views over-looking the Esplanade area.

For a refreshing start, I was recommended Simply Red, a cocktail concoction consisting of Apple, Cranberry & Lychee.

Then we were served the Amuse Bouche, a sweet & sour Cold Tofu with sesame seeds.

The 1st course started with the Pillow Talk, a pan-seared King Prawn dish with Vegetable Tempura. The prawn was amazing sweet & fresh, enlivened with the Avocado sauce.

Labelled Smooth as Velvet, the Shark’s Fin stock was undeniably silky smooth. The delicacy is braised & added seafood, egg-white & black fungus in it. Somewhat different from the usual Chinese or Thai style as it came with a pot of Miso soup. The manager poured the piping hot stock into the plate of chunky fins as I watched with my hungry appetite.
The soup is rich & has a very distinctive taste. Being conservative, I think I still prefer the authentic Chinese/Thai Shark’s Fin Soup. I must commend the Chef’s daring approach to this innovative dish.
The next dish is called Paradise Found, a steamed fillet of Marble Goby. Indeed, I found my paradise eating this tender fish wrapped in Tian Jin cabbage, & I could taste a tinge of Truffle Oil in it. This fish is really good & on a score of 1 to 10, I give a full score!

Life is Good for me, so much that there’s no way I can deny. From young to school days, right up to working life, to motherhood & now, life has been good. I’ve been treated with kindness & generosity wherever I go & I never take that for granted.
Life is Good is the name of the next dish. It’s just simple glutinous rice topped with fresh Hokkaido Scallop. This dish seems to tell us a story: I interpret it as not to forget our basic humble food or our root, if we ever get to enjoy the riches. There’s nothing special about this dish but I like the name & the combination of a staple food & delicacy.

Our lunch ended on a high-note with the Ice Fragrance, which is one of my fave Chinese desserts. You don’t get the usual Mango Pudding here but a rich Puree instead, topped with Vanilla ice-cream & a dash of black glutinous rice. Yum-yum!

So if you’re in the mood for a zesty dish with a difference, here’s a Chef that will surprise you with an intriguing menu. Rating: 4/5

My Humble House
#02-27/29 Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802
Tel : +65 6423 1881


  1. oh wow! The food looks great and also the chairs!

  2. the dining there looks very luxury but well it's ranked top 100 in the world..should I go there and try it? Have you try it before?

  3. Oh those red chairs!! This food looks amazing as well.

  4. Yap, those seats look great!
    Of Travels, you should try the food there :)

  5. A very interesting restaurant and the meal looks wonderful. I would love to try that Shark's Fin soup!

  6. What a beautiful place!! Love the chairs. The food all look very delicious. I wish I am rich enough to go there everyday! :D

  7. If you get to eat all these for a price of $80++, it's not that expensive afterall, considering it's one of the world top list restaurant. Sam Leong - one of the chef that i admire after watching various of his cooking program on local TV variety show with one that also show his daily routine managing the tung lok group - an amazing and humurous chef.

  8. Hi Blackswan, Wow! I guess as and when my next visit to Singapore, must check out this place.
    But somehow I have always loved Bedok or your ECP for seafood.
    Anyway, I eat to live, not live to eat....just a simple poh pia or oh chien will be fine with me.
    You have a beautiful Sunday, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  9. 5 S.Foodie, u sure r adventurous!

    Mary, looks like everyone's in love with the chairs! Try this the next time u're here.

    Deli S, I'm a fan of Sam's shows too. He's funny & I enjoy watching him whipping up yummy dishes.

    Uncle Lee, I appreciate both fine dining & coffee shop food. I live to eat :) Thks for visiting!

  10. I am thankful for such a great post with many new things to learn. Thanks, you cleared up some things for me.


  11. Wonderful review...This looks like an amazing and versatile establishment. I thing these dishes look elegant and sound delicious :)

  12. Thanks for visiting, Fabiana & M.Spice!


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