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Laksa, Freebies Galore At Changi Airport

I’ve always wanted to introduce my beloved airport to the world but there’s usually no time as I've the habit of checking-in just an hr before departure. This trip to Bangkok, I managed to arrive early to capture some shots & take you around one of the terminals @ T2.
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With 340 awards under her belt, Changi Airport is the world's most awarded airport. Asia’s Best Airport by Asiamoney Travel, World’s Best Airport by Skytrax, Best Airport in the World by Ultratravel Magazine……… these are just few of the awards won over the years.

For those who haven’t gotten the chance to visit the world’s renown airport, I’m sure you’ll agree with the strings of accolades the airport has won, after joining me in this journey I’m about to take you through.

One of the most efficient airports in the world as described by businessmen, I breezed through the check-in counter & custom clearance without much hassle. After that, a host of activities was waiting for me to discover. With the exhilarating arrays of vitality at the airport, there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

Upon clearing the immigration @ T2, I was greeted by this charming Orchid Garden with Koi Pond, featuring Spider Orchids, Singapore’s famous & enduring hybrid Butterfly Orchids, the fabulous Moth Orchids from the Orchid Island of Taiwan & of course, the Singapore's very own National Flower - the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Next, I headed straight to have my bowl of Laksa; a habitual thingy I'd do before & after a trip since I'll be missing S'pore food for a few days. Laksa is a popular spicy coconut-based noodle soup from the Peranakan culture. Main ingredients usually include Tofu Puffs, Fish Cakes, Prawns & Cockles. But only Shredded Chicken & Fish Cakes are served here. I was fully satisfied with the S$5 bowl of rich Laksa & ready to explore the airport.

When I came out of the cafe, there was a Steven Seagal movie screening at the theater. Die-hard movie fans will never be left out with the 24-hr free blockbuster movie screenings.

Next to it was a Game Zone with Xbox360/Playstation game consoles with most of the seats occupied.

There was also a Jam Studio, a dedicated area for music lovers to spin & scratch songs into unique mixes & a Free Lan Gaming area for gamers.

Look @ this beautiful Sunflower Garden. This is no ordinary garden. It's a Smoking Zone!

Smokers, instead of being cooped up in a confined area to puff your cigarettes like other airports, Changi Airport presents you the Sunflower Garden. This is an open-air area & you can watch planes take-off & land at the same time.

You can also catch the award-winning Catcus Garden @ T1, showcasing more than 40 species of cacti & succulents from Africa & the Americas. Or what about going over to T3 to see the world's first Butterfly Garden in an airport, together with a 6 metre grotto-waterfall? The garden's also home to a collection of 200 carnivorous or insectivorous plants from about 30 species of Nepenthes - tropical pitcher plants from Southeast Asia.

You can easily shuttle around the 3 terminals by taking the Sky Train.

As I was strolling, there was a commotion nearby & I walked nearer to find out more. There, I saw a boy having fun trying out a Trapeze.

Next to him was a couple on a boxing ring testing out their strengths. There’re so much to see & do in Changi Airport. With endless ongoing activities like the Changi Airport Millionaire Dance, you’ll never be bored.

Besides shopping & eating, there're spas, beauty & hair salons. You can pass your time doing your mani/pedicure or massage etc. For busy businessmen, you can even have a hair-cut while waiting for your flight.

If you're tired of walking, you can relax in specially-designed snooze chairs or tug yourself into one of those foot massage chairs like these guys here. They're available almost everywhere, just open your eyes & you can easily spot one. There's a good reason why Changi Airport was voted the best airport in the world for sleeping!

Keep yourself updated with the latest news. Grab a copy of the Financial Times for Free!

Sports fanatics, check out your hide-outs @ the Sports Corner. Tune in to your fave sports program here.

Or chill out @ the Sports Bar & Grill located just next to it.

For transit passengers, you can take advantage of the airport’s swimming pool, gym, shower facilities etc by just paying a small fee.

If you’ve at least 5 hours to spare before your connecting flight, you can take the 2-hr Sightseeing Tour of Singapore or hop on the Free City Shuttle to see the city’s attractions. All these for FREE!

Stay connected at the FREE internet kiosks available almost everywhere & you don’t even need to use your laptops.

Batteries running low? Charge your mobile phones @ one of these Free Charging booths.

Well, it was time for me to board the plane to the Land of Smiles on Singapore Airlines. Read on, to pick up some tips on where to shop & eat in Shopping & Italian Food In Bangkok & Paradise In Bangkok!


  1. and that's my favourite airport, love the carpets, love the orchids love the terminal 3 which looks more like a shopping complex and woot! free charging? I never came across that one before..and I have yet to try out the LAN games as well as console games till now..maybe next time soon..

  2. Finally, you got the chance to share the place where you work! hehe... Yeah, I have to admit Changi Airport is a fantastic place. I myself don't have time to stroll around either when I was there. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.
    Cheers, kristy

  3. Oh my goodness...That is like a vacation trip all it's own, such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea. LAX should be ashamed of it's self :)

  4. OMG! I love the Changi airport too. When I come back for a visit, the first thing I hit is a dinosaur milo and kaya toast! good to know that there is a mobile charger! LOVE THIS POST!

  5. Of Travels, glad we're on the same page. Remember to try out the freebies next time :)

    Kristy, good to see u here again!

    M. Spice, do remember to chk out Changi Airport the next time u visit S'pore :)

    Penny, u're so cute! Thks for dropping by :)

    Babinella, thks for visit & I've posted my comments in your blog.

  6. This is really nice of you. Being a Singaporean myself, I never knew there's so much one could do in Changi Airport although i do visit for a stroll once in a while. Love the lovely sunflower garden - such beautiful flowers. But guess i would only visit your blog to satisfy my eyes for i don't want to be a second hand smoker...... LOL

  7. 16 time already been here
    love the free sweet. hahah

  8. Deli S, hope u'll find time to visit our airport & try the facilities!

    Mr Nyox, oh yes.... forgot to mention the free sweets @ the immigration counters :) I dun see this gesture in other airports.

  9. Thank you for this fun tour -- I can see why you're proud of your beautiful airport! The dance video made me want to get up and MOVE and if I ever get to Singapore, I'm going to go down that slide! :)

  10. Kim, hahaha! Hope u get the chance to visit this lovely city & to use the freebies in the airport.

  11. Hi, Shirley! Doing my 2nd rounds of your 7 links challenge (hopefully my comments will be up lol)

    I have been to Changi Airport once, during my stopover to Australia and yes, these sights are still so vivid in my memories! There are some attractions I didn't get to check out, mainly because I was too preoccupied about not missing my flight (I was travelling alone) and my luggage haha

    And aww... I am so bummed to hear that I could book a 2 hour tour of the city while I was there! Arrgghh I can't believe I missed this opportunity, I was holed up at the airport for a 6 hour stopover! And I ever did was sit on a couch and browsed the net ;( It's a good thing my friend was working at Changi Airport too, we met up during her break (she works for SA check-in counter) and it was our first ever meeting! We had a long chat and enjoyed a meal together and then I was off to Aussie.

    I really wish I can come back and this time, bask in what Changi airport and Singapore has to offer.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  12. Wi, I appreciate your sincerity in writing out these long comments & on all my posts @ Play The 7 Links Challenge! You're such a doll!

    It's cool to have a friend working at the airport. There're so many advantages & I can't think of nothing negative. Hahaha! Be sure to make full use of our airport's facilities the next time u're here. Hopefully, we can meet up too!

  13. Shirley, not that I have been to lots of airport but I love Changi Airport the most. My Quay Lo travels almost 3/4 of the world and he agrees with me! hehe Aren't you proud??

  14. Veron, I'm so happy to hear that! I'm really proud of my airport :)


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