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S$85 Tempura Lunch At Tenshin!

Tenshin (天信), a tiny upscale Japanese restaurant @ Regent Hotel, has already gained a following of Tai-tais & elite businessmen. The sister of the "infamous" Shiraishi, presents the glories of Japan with its Signature Tempura with “indecent pricing”, if you must try.
I'd briefly mentioned to my Japanese friend, Michio, about a Tempura restaurant I’d visited during one of my trips to Tokyo. That friend treated me to pricey Tempura @ S$200+ per person, situated @ the swanky Roppongi Hill. That was probably the best battered seafood I’ve ever eaten. Michio probably got my hint & suggested that we’ve lunch @ Tenshin, the only decent Tempura eatery in Singapore.

Instead of sitting at tables, M reserved the counter seats in front of the 2 Chefs, giving me a full view of what they were doing. For lunch, we’d the ミニ会席 (Mini Kaiseki). Do not be deceived by the word “mini”, for this set lunch is @ an exorbitant price of S$85 per person! What we ate......

A tray consisting an appetizer was served soon after we were seated. It was a simple vegetable with Bonito flakes.

I love the generous helping of Radish with Tempura sauce.

The 1st course arrived - Sashimi made up of Toro, Tuna, Salmon & Scallop. The fresh seafood was real yummy though I wouldn't say the Toro was the best.

Next came the salad, accompanied thinly-sliced crispy Lotus. A unqiue combi indeed.

Then the Chef started making the batter for Tempura.

The prawn was deep-fried to perfection. Batter was light & fluffy & tasted delicious when mixed with the radish given. Love the prawn head. Yum-yum! Just 1 complaint - I only get a miserable piece of prawn.

My 茶碗蒸し (Chawanmushi) arrived just in time. This Shark's Fin version of steamed egg was an extra order @ S$22. Sorry folks, not included in the S$85 lunch. The meticulous attention to the flavour made this silky custard one of the best I've ever tried.
You're now looking at the Lotus & Asparagus Tempura. Even the 野菜 (Vegetable) "Fritters" were superbly executed. Dish was simple but delicious.

This is Meguchi, "Flat Headfish" in English, explained the friendly Chef. I used Tempura batter to gauge a Chef's skills & he passed with flying colours, almost as close to the one I had in Tokyo. As I ain't a fish lover, I rarely finish a plate of fish. But in this case, I gobbled up the entire fish within seconds.

Maitake (マイタケ) is an edible & medicinal mushroom & is considered the first-rank edible mushroom. This fungus is crunchy & "spongy" at the same time. I didn't have quite enough though.

鰻は嫌いです。I never like Unagi. It has those tiny "spikes" that irritate me. I'm just fussy, I guess. No idea what this taste like cause I handed the entire Eel to M.

This rice sang a different tune. It has chunks of Prawn Tempura bits & sesame seeds. It's flavourful & it was a joy eating it.

The ultimate dining experience ended with my fave Macha ice-cream. Not part of the course again. We'd to top up S$3 to change the dessert. The rich green-tea ice-cream was worth every cent.

Tempura lovers, would you pay S$85 for a set lunch like this one? What's your fave Tempura restaurant? Share with other Japanese food lovers here.

1 Cuscaden Road
#03-01 The Regent Singapore
Tel: +65 6735 4588


  1. I would most certainly splurge on quality food prepared & served with pride & passion :)

  2. Definitely will do, am willing to spend money for delicacies.^-^

  3. Wow....$200 per person! That's expensive I think. I will save that to buy iPad...haha. But I do love Japanese food. Maybe I should learn to make them :D

  4. Good review and tempting food!

  5. I love the presentation.. :D

  6. Thank u ladies, sounds like most wouldn't mind indulging in good food!

    iPad? Mmm.... sounds tempting too :)


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