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BreadTalk Celebrating 10th Anniversary!

Spring in the City (火腿葱葱葱), Mr Hokkaido (北海道先生), Sunflower (向日葵), Flosses (松松), Dinosaur (恐龙)…….

Yes, we’ve heard them all but who could have thought these creative names are all tagged to BREAD?

Before BreadTalk made their entry into the bakery world, bread to me was just an ordinary white piece of staple food made out of flour, milk, butter etc, & eaten with jam, butter & at most, ham.

I used to detest eating bread, until BreadTalk’s resurgence to the simple piece of baked dough – moulded into fanciful shapes & gave it a quirky name. I must say that they did a pretty good job as its creative designs appeal to both the young & old. It’s bread coming ALIVE!

BreadTalk, a home-grown award-winning brand known for its whimsical designer breads & Signature Pork Floss Bun, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

It’s 10 Years of Good Bread, treating discerning Singaporeans to freshly-baked buns at quality prices! With its expansion to the current 13 countries (Singapore, Indonesia, China, Kuwait, Oman, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Bahrain), others also get to enjoy these exquisite pieces of art.

Take a look at their Fantastic 10 Buns!

Here’re some delicious buns that I’ve tried:

Merrily: Seafood lovers will love this 2010 tuna-filled doggy bun topped with zesty Nori (seaweed) flakes. この犬はとても可愛いでしょう。

Leonardo (2010): Love this Lion bun with Bak Kwa (肉乾) fillings, a Chinese version of Jerky & it has my favourite topping – Pork Floss. ライオンちゃん、非常に人気があるよ。

Ferraberri: A 2009 creation, specially for the 1st Night Race in Singapore. This Custard-filled Croissant definitely tempts kids with its Chocolate wheels & Strawberry toppings. 赤ちゃんの一番すきなパン。。。

Peace Panda: Supporting the victims of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, more than S$100,000 was raised with this Chocolate-Custard bun.  親切とおいしいパンダ。

Hairy Crab: Breadtalk’s Signature Floss bun celebrated @ the Singapore Food Festival in 2007. かに、かに、どこへ行くの。。。。

These gourmet treats are truly "artwork for your taste buds"!

Eating bread can be fun now, with so many different designs & fillings to choose from. So head down to your nearest outlet & get yours now!



  1. It's call BreadTop here. I didn't know that it existed in SG till they got here. eheheh!

  2. Ooooh, I'm off to Breadtalk now. Thks!

  3. Wow! I used to like the original (oval shape) breadtalk pork floss bun, but i never knew that it comes in so many other shape and additional fillings - the Leonardo and the Hairy Crab. Looks great, i'm sure heading there, what's more, with Ferraberri - my nephew is bound to be delighted when he sees this one. I heading off......

  4. Penny, BreadTop?? Cool! Didn't noe they change their name according to the countries :)

    Babel, hope u'll get ur fave buns:)

    Deli, love d Pork Floss Bun! One of my fave too :)

  5. I love the potato stuffed naan from Bread Talk but it's been so long since I stepped into Bread Talk I think they've changed their line up! Have you been to Bread Society? They're breads are amazing too.


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