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Picturesque Food @ Tung Lok Classic

Went to one of my favourite hunts at Orchard Parade Hotel for lunch over the weekend, hoping to find the seductive Club Chinois. Instead, I was greeted by the new Tung Lok Classics! I recalled an article some time ago about Club Chinois but regretted not paying much attention to it. What happened to the club? As my tummy was growling, my partner & I decided to settle for Tung Lok instead. After all, they all belong to the Tung Lok Group.

Upon entering the restaurant, the enchanting ambience had been totally transformed into a simple, clean image, like any of other Tung Lok outlets. “Nevermind, we’re here for the food,” I consoled myself.

The moment I peeked into the modern Chinese menu, I was enticed by the colourful & vibrant pictures of the dishes. My thoughts were distorted & I’d to reorganize my original food orders.

The manager immediately came to our rescue. He suggested their signature double-boiled soups to begin with, but the “Tan Jia” Styled Braised Superior Shark’s Fin with Ham @ S$58/pax caught my attention & we decided to opt for the latter instead. After placing all our orders, we requested to be served asap as our stomach was getting impatient.

While we were waiting for the food to be served, my 1st order arrived in a huge bowl of crushed ice.
I was delighted to see the presentation. Our Fresh Juices came in test tubes at just S$3 each. The red one has Beetroot, which explained the colour & the green consisted of the Hong Kong Chye Sim vegetable. The juices tasted refreshing & both were just as good. You really need to try both if you’ve the chance. I’d ordered these as it’d reminded me of my favourite grape juice at Lei Garden. Mmm.... I'm definitely gonna try making this at home.

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Orders came fast. In no time, our Peking Duck was served. The waiter asked how we’d like to “deal” with the duck meat, a usual question in most restaurants.

“No, thank you! We’re not fans of the meat,” I replied.
“You can use it to make a Fried Rice, stir-fry with vegetables at an additional S$10 or just cut up the meat at no extra charges. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste,” the kind-hearted waiter trying hard with his persuasion skills. No, it didn’t work.

He finally gave up after we told him we were there just for the skin. LOL! Verdict: Thin & crispy, just the way I like it. Comparable to other top restaurants.

Wow! The Fiery hot Shark’s Fin Soups had a grand arrival, bubbling in claypots “engulfed” in flames. I was already excited just by looking at them.

I jumped at the sight & slurped a spoonful of the piping hot stock. Both my partner's & my ecstasy went down instantly at the 1st mouth & you could see it in our faces.

The stock was bland, like they’d forgotten to add salt. The aroma was absent too. Something was missing somewhere. It shouldn’t be the case especially with the presence of the Yunan Ham, which was supposed to bring out the tang. We were really disappointed especially when double-boiled soups are their specialties. The base stock should at least be there, right? Failed, a complete let-down!

Next on the table was the Winter Melon dish. I was thankful that this vegetable lifted our lousy mood once again. The delectable Melon was poached & served with Ham & Baby Spinach in Chicken Broth, with Wolfberries thrown in. Love it! The entire dish was fragrant & simply delicious. At just S$6/piece, it’s a must-try!

We’d no complaints on the speed, which was exceptionally fast for a fine-dining restaurant. However, with 2 out of 2 dishes below standard, I’m not sure I’ll return again. The other disappointing dish was the Baked Seafood Fried Rice @ S$22.
The word “baked” somewhat commands a little more respect from me. Baking + Seafood + Cheese + Lotus Leaf, I’d presume it’ll add up to = Perfection. Somehow, it didn’t. Except for the generous amount of shrimps, scallops & crabmeat swimming in the rice, I’ve no other comments. Overall Ratings:

Tung Lok Classics
1 Tanglin Road
#02-18 Orchard Parade Hotel
Tel: (65) 6834 0660


  1. wow i like the way the make the resh juice. really fresh in all those ice

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. Not been Tung lok for a long long time. But never really like the quality of their food.

  3. Peking Duck!! Looks delicious! :D

  4. Sorry to hear your dining experience was sub par - even more dissapointing and annoying when you know it's supposed to be "fine dining". Never completely trust the hype - establishments usually get complacent once their reputations are in place. So sad.....

  5. Lukey, thks for visiting! Posted my comments in your blog :)

    Penny, so what're your fave restaurants here?

    Lindy, taste good too :)

    Denise, somewhat true in what you've just said. Really unpleasant!

  6. Lovely food. Looks like very good service. But I'm quite amused to see the juices served in test tubes. I thought I only see that in labs. Now I wonder how they wash those test tubes!

  7. mary, they probably wash it the same way you would wash a testtube in the lab.. using those thin brushes! :P

    i love peking duck but im usually not the one ordering. dont you just eat the meat? why do they ask how you want to deal with it?


  8. **foot print**
    !!!!!!!! Wah....!!!
    Nanged and clicked on ur adv..!!
    Do visit mine as well..
    Cya... Cheers!!

  9. Mary, nice presentation & good service but can't say much about food. Washing tubes? What a thought. Hahaha!

    Serene, do u work in a lab?? Just kidding! Like I've mentioned, they normally ask what u'd like to cook with :)

    Kelicious, thks & going over now.....

  10. Hi Shirley, it's been a while huh! Hopefully I could spare more free time in blogging & visiting. Have been pretty headache lately, was busy! Btw, you really know where to get yummy food huh! Where do you recommend for hi-tea in S'pore? Hope you're having a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  11. Hi Kristy, good to have you back! You may like to try the
    Afternoon Tea @ Four Seasons :)


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