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Blogger Award

It's always a pleasure to receive encouraging Blogger Awards from bloggers around the world, like the You Make Me Smile Award.

I've just received another lovely award from Mary Moh of Keep Learning, Keep Smiling, who's a blogger from Scotland. Sharing the same passion in cooking, Mary has an enormous collection of recipes & quite a few inspirational posts.

Thank you Mary, for the above award & in return, I'd like to present you with the Beautiful Blogger Award! Keep blogging & looking forward to your every post.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to present the Beautiful Blogger Award to few other foodies, who have been supporting my blog even though it's not entirely a food blog.

5 Star Foodie
Simply Life
Penny aka jeroxie

Thank you friends, for your continuous support & keep your wonderful comments coming!

Love from Singapore,


  1. nice n3..visit mine if free k.;D

  2. Awesome, Shirley! Love your blog :)

  3. Thank you, once again & keep them coming!

  4. Congrats on your awards and thank you so much for sharing with me!

  5. Hi Shirley, how are you darling? Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for remembering me. I'm really appreciate it and honoured to have the awards from you. Thanks alot and hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Kristy
    p/s am busy making the dumplings & halfway boiling them (at 10.30pm). hehe...

  6. 5 Star Foodie, thks again & hope you'll accept & display the award :)

    Kelicious, what an unique name! Thks for visiting :)

    Simply Life, it has been a pleasure reading your posts. Hope you'll accept & display the award :)

    My Little Space, thks! I'm good, dear. Hope to see the award in your blog & looking fwd to your dumpling post!

  7. Thanks so much!! You just made my day :) Must catch up when I come back to Asia

  8. Awwww....thanks very much for the award! So sweet of you! Thanks very much for your friendship! You've made my weekend smiley :D Keep Blogging Keep Smiling!

  9. Micah, thks for dropping by!

    Penny, looking fwd to your trip to Asia!

    Mary, thks & let's keep d blogging spirits up!

  10. It really is a good feeling :)

  11. Congrats for your awards, Keep it up..!!


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