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What Did You Do On Mother’s Day?

My 81 year-old mum is one of the most cosmopolitan mothers around. She loves to eat & enjoys any cuisine. Other than Asian food, she doesn’t mind exploring western dishes like Fish & Chips, Steaks, Deli etc. But most Asian mothers in her generation do not quite appreciate western food. Unless your mother has migrated to Australia, US or Europe etc, most would stick to their Asian diet.

This Mother’s Day, I’d prepared a simple 3-course western lunch for mummy dearest:
Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Crab Claw
(Featured @ PtitChef as a Starter)

(Featured @ Specialty Produce, San Diego's Food Dist)

Fruit Kebabs for dessert

After a hearty meal with my family, a surprise was installed for the mothers...

... a 1½ hour foot/shoulder massage for mum & myself in the comfort of our home. Loy, the masseur, came highly recommended by a close friend of mine. There’s nothing better than a massage after a busy day in the kitchen.

So how did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Share your story with us here & let us enjoy reading them. Oh, do stay tuned for the above recipes….. Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. That's such a lovely meal you prepare for your mom. Oh...I really miss those relaxing! It's too expensive to have such massage here :(

  2. So sweet of you. Hope you enjoyed your mother's day celebration.

  3. jfook, thks & hope u'd a good time too!

    Mary, I'm addicted to massage. LOL! Yah, I'm sure prices are crazy in Europe... Happy Mother's Day!

    Deli S, I'd a wonderful time. Thks & Happy Mother's Day to u too!

  4. Ur mum is cool, mine even treat western dish like poison.

  5. We took our mother out for a Chinese Seafood dinner. You're right. She'd probably freak out if we brought her to eat western food.

    Looks like you'd a great time. I'll look out for your Pumpkin recipe & thks for sharing!

  6. Kelvin, guess I'm lucky to have a modern mum :) Thks for visiting... Your blog is cool!

    Babel, thks & do stay tuned :)


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