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Toronto, Here We Come!

Some cities have it all. Clean environment, very low crime rate, diverse population, high standard of living, abundant natural resources, good food, and a hip city life; Toronto is one of them. Whether you are visiting Toronto for the first time or are a frequent visitor, or even a resident, here’s a sneak peek into things that you can see, eat and do in Toronto.
No talk of Toronto is complete without mentioning the CN Towers. What was built as a solution to communications problem in the city in the 70s has now become the symbol of the city itself. It’s quite an amazing feeling to walk across the glass surface, which is only 2-1/2 inches in thickness and some 113 stories above the ground. If this was not enough, you can even go 33 stories further up to the sky pod for a breathtaking view, or visit the Arcade, or go for a motion theater ride. You can round up your evening here with a romantic dinner at the 360-degree revolving restaurant.

It may not be a touristy spot in the conventional sense, but the Younge-Dundas Square has become the heart of the city. Whether attending a concert or just hanging around, the Square is a place for everyone to meet and catch up with each other. The numerous fountains that line the walkway are cool refreshment to any jogger or a fun break for parents with kids.

The Royal Ontario Museum with its 40 galleries dedicated to natural science, art and history will make you forget the rest of the world in the time you spend there. When you are bored with the past, get some live action visiting the Toronto Zoo. Take a piece of a bygone era with you when you visit the Casa Loma. The magnificent architecture, and elegantly furnished rooms with secret passages, and an 800-foot tunnel will leave you spellbound; not to mention the beautiful blooms surrounding the castle from May to October.

Perhaps all that walking around will leave you hungry and thirsty. Whether you crave for Sushi or prefer vegan, whether you are looking for kid friendly places or romantic dinners, Toronto caters to every food-need of yours.

Whet your sushi appetite at Sado Sushi or Asuka or you can go to Sushi Kaji or Omi for ‘oh, my god’ sushi experiences. If you like Mediterranean delicacies, go to Conviction. Not only is the food delicious here, but strangely, the restaurant staff are all reformed convicts. While turning a new leaf in their lives, they have also attempted to turn on your table some real mouth-watering dishes. For a true culinary experience, head to O.Noir where your dining experience will be like none other. Dinner is served completely in the dark, thus heightening your senses, and you will know what it is to be blind like the staff here.

If you are traveling with kids, try the Rainforest Café, which will keep the kids transfixed with simulated rainstorms, and the new children’s menu offers a variety of dishes to satisfy the young tongue. Or you can check out Magic Oven which dishes out healthy pizzas, pastas and sandwiches for the health conscious parents.

Next to CN Towers, the most visited places in Toronto are latte bars. Lattes have become more of an art form with tulips and smiley faces adorning a cuppa. Try Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Crema Coffee or Bulldog Coffee for a surreal latte experience.

Shopping can be confusing if you don’t know where to start and a 411 Canada guide can give you ideas. But still, here’s the real deal. If you like to shop in malls, Toronto Eaton Center is your place. With over 250 stores, it’s a sure stop over for all tourists. If you want to buy branded stuff at great discount prices check out Winners. But if you are like me and would prefer the exotic trinkets, jewels and clothes, Chinatown is where you should be. For some cool retro pick ups and antiques, shop on the Queen Street or at Kensington Market for used and cheap clothes, furniture and ethnic and organic food.

After a hectic day of shopping, and sightseeing it is important to come to a room that makes you feel comfortable. Whether you are on a budget or on a high roll or want to make a quick stopover before the morning meeting or just be near the airport or shopping centers, Toronto gives you all kinds of staying experiences. A stay at Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville gives you a four star experience plus a quick accessibility to many art galleries, shopping arcades, restaurants and bars. Sandalwood Suites Hotel, which is near the Pearson International Airport, has easy access to downtown Toronto, shopping centers, and sports arenas. For an upscale stay check in at The Drake Hotel or SoHo Metropolitan Hotel.


  1. I've been to Canada but not to Toronto, and now after your lovely post I just HAVE to go. Thanks for all the info.

  2. Thanks for the info. Toronto seems like a wonderful place to visit. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear :)


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