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Top Commenters @ Luxury Indulgence!

Dearest readers,

Thank you for your wonderful comments in my blog! To show my sincere appreciation for your frequent visits, I've installed a 'Top Commenters' widget on the sidebar, just below the Recent Comments.

Be the top 5 commenters & or the recent 5 comments which will automatically link your name to your blog, increasing your readership.

Difference between the two?? Your link will always be on this blog as long as you're the Top 5 Commenters but for Recent Comments, your link will drop with the latest comment coming in.

Take a look at the latest snapshot & keep your comments coming!


  1. Nice blog, happy blogging.
    Do drop by my blog when u r online, tks :)

  2. Thank you, my dear :). Have a wonderful week.

  3. Whah...that's interesting. I didn't know I was top commentator! Shirley, now you need to give me a pat on my back for being such a good girl....LOL. I have always wanted to put this widget on my blog but just have not done that. The days just pass by so fast

  4. Thks iriene, left my comments @ your blog. Cool!

    Rosidah, u've a wonderful week too!

    Mary, awesome, isn't it? Feeling's great being top of the list. Thks so much for your support & keep them coming!

  5. Thanks for this great information, I am following you every step of the way.

  6. nice post, i need something like this :D thanks.,


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