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My S$200 Indulgence @ Iggy's

Love the food, the service & the ambience! My heartfelt feelings have been the same since my very first visit to the Asia’s Number One Restaurant (Miele Guide 2008/2009) & the world’s Best 50 Restaurants – Iggy’s.

Serving only a standard Gastronomic Dinner Menu @ S$195++/person, with 9 items on the list, one would often be spoilt for delightable surprises. Of course, if there’s anything that doesn’t suit your discerning palate, the restaurant would be more than happy to offer you an alternative.

For the evening, we had been informed that in addition to the menu-of-the- day, we would be served two Amuse Bouche – the Oysters & Foie Gras. My eyes immediately sparkled upon hearing the FG words as if the Chef could read my sinful thoughts.

Minutes later, a nattily-attired server walked over to our table & handed us a teeny-weeny bouquet of flowers plucked straight from a mini pot. He explained that it’s edible flower & the translucent powdery wrapper was made from potato. He suggested that we eat this first before tasting the tempura oyster, served on a plate with sago base. This was our 1st interesting Amuse Bouche. The “bouquet” was tasty but I love the crunchy oyster even more. I like the Japanese Kakiage (fried oyster), usually coated with breadcrumbs but this version was better. The tempura coating was so light & the oyster was still juicy even after the deep-frying process. Next on our table was the Foie Gras, which was served in warm pear soup with a tint of balsamic & five-spice. Decorated with fruity mango/pear cubes & flower petals, it was something new for me. Delicious! Our actual course finally started, with Hirame as the first. Served with Burrata, tomato & avacado, coupled with lemon, dill & taragon made this Flounder Sashimi dish especially refreshing. Next on the menu was the Lobster Bisque with Tofu. I was puzzled to see the presentation. Errr…. “Where’s the bisque?” I asked myself silently. I soon realized, as soon as I took a scoop of the tofu together with the “foam”. Ah… so the Chef has cleverly disguised the bisque in the form of a "souffle". What an ingenious approach! As I’m writing this post, I can still feel the remnants of the bisque & lobster meat dancing on my tastebuds.Can you see the plastic film on the picture with the fish? The film was made from the Japanese Momotaro tomato & beautifully decorated with a vegetable garden bed on the plate of Ocean Trout. The fragrant of the black peppercorn brought out the freshness of the trout, accompanied by beetroot, carrots & artichoke. If you ever visit Iggy’s, do try their Cappellini Pasta. This is a must-have for my every visit. The Chef captured the taste of the Cappellini by cooking it with Sakura Ebi, Kobu & Scampi Oil. One that only Iggy’s can master. Simply out of this world is used to describe the Black Truffle Consommé. I love truffles, but who doesn’t appreciate this expensive delicacy? This is the first time I've tried in a liquid form though & the lovely earthy aroma sent my head spinning........ one cup is definitely not enough.
Next item on the menu was written as “Wagyu”. Another of my favourite. I was a little disappointed when served as I discovered it was the Wagyu Cheek & not a small piece of fillet I had desired. Top restaurants these days seem to popularise this cheeky dish, but it somehow didn’t go too well with my taste buds. The alert server spotted that I didn’t touch my dish & immediately asked if he could change it to Quail for me instead. I politely declined his kind offer as I was already half-full. I didn’t take the pix…. Guess I was in a state of shock. LOL!

Pre-dessert, an interesting way of calling indeed. Pineapple, lychee, yoghurt, mango served on a bed of iced Earl-Grey. A simple scented dessert but very uplifting.
I like the Cherry Blossom with Kumquat, a fruit closely related resembles that of an orange. The added plum, served with honey melon ice-cream & edible flowers was a great icy combination. Bursting & popping with flavours was the Petit Fours. Recommended to put the whole Lemon Tart into the mouth. Words just cannot describe the tiny amazing bits of granulated sugar popping in your mouth like those Cola sweets. Love the tingling sensation & it was so fun. I felt light-hearted despite having a full meal. Maybe because it was a happy ending, fully-satisfied as always. Definitely one of the most tempting eateries in my list. Rating: 4½/5

Regent Singapore, Level 3
Tel: 65 6732 2234

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  1. OMG!!! I would most certainly enjoy the amuse bouche. Does the bouquet hv a refreshing taste so as to compensate for the deep-fried oyster? The lobster bisque was an interesting take. And that truffle consomme...yummilicous!

  2. Do visit Iggy's soon before they change the menu. The flowers r crunchy too & tasted good with the potato wrapper :)


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