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Shower The Hi-Tech Way

After a long and tiring day, nothing can rejuvenate you like a hot shower. Like a hot cup of coffee warming your throat and reviving your spirit, a hot steamy bath can do the same to your external body. The steam and the heat and force with which each droplet falls on your body can perk you and at the same time relax you. If any shower can do this you, imagine a bath that adds extra dimensions to it. Would you like a massage along with your bath or would you like to feel like a kid getting drenched in the rain? Now, it’s possible to let go of yourself in the bath or be given a therapeutic massage, thanks to hi-tech shower enclosures.

Preset temperature
What is the one thing that you can possibly hate about a shower bath? To me it would be to fiddle with the cold and the hot water knobs, constantly turning and changing to get the right temperature. Now put that worry to rest. Hi tech shower enclosures are here to ease your troubles. Shower enclosures now come with preset water temperature for your showers. And if that’s not enough, some shower enclosures come with preset facility for different members of the family. And go one step further, if you have the bucks to spend, you can even get wireless networking (we are still talking about showers!) and water will flow at precise temperatures from any tap in the house. Can anything be more magical than this?

It’s clear we are not talking about ordinary shower enclosures here. We are all gaga over the hi-tech ones. So, if I am going to mention a mirror fixture inside the shower enclosure, you can be sure I am not talking about an ordinary mirror. Hi-tech mirror comes with attached defoggers and heaters; so no more trying hard to see yourself in a steamy enclosure. These defoggers will ensure a hot bath without the cloud. You can even get your floor or your toilet seat heated in winters and even hands-free flushing. But, I am digressing; I know there’s enough hi-tech inside the shower enclosure to talk about without having to venture into the entire bathroom.

Jets of relaxation
Here’s food for thought. Why have a separate shower enclosure, if you can combine a whirlpool bathtub along with it? While shower jets (we’ll talk about that in a while) are good, a whirlpool is a more traditional but contemporary masseur. If you think about it, you’d know that it’s not so much of an oxymoron than it seems. A whirlpool is of course a very hi-tech contemporary gadget in a bathroom. But it works by propelling water from the several jets positioned conveniently in the tub with enough force thereby creating a traditional massaging motion. Even a quick soak in a whirlpool tub can save you a trip to the local spa. When you combine the whirlpool tub with a shower enclosure, you not only save space, but you are also adding the modern elegant rich look to your bathroom.

If you want a unique bathroom experience, but do not have the space, but have the bucks; don’t worry. There’s one for everyone. You can opt for a shower enclosure with a number of jet sprays, all computer controlled. Whether you want the jets to relax you or invigorate or even cleanse you, it’s all available with the touch of a button. You can even customize and store your preferences for daily use. With so much luxury at hand, it’s not surprising if you want to spend most of your time away from the din of the outside world and do a little bit of introspection inside your bathroom.


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  3. There is nothing as relaxing as a bubble bath after a hard work day.


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