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How To Make Your Own Salted Egg-Yolk Prawns

Salted eggs are staple Chinese preserved food products made by soaking duck eggs in brine or covering them with salted charcoal. Though the egg whites are saltier, the yolks are valued for their texture; the yolks are prized and are used often in Chinese mooncakes to symbolize the moon.

While this dish is delicious, it’s not meant for those worrying about going into instant cardiac arrest. Salted egg-yolks are known to be unhealthy - one salted duck egg yolk weighing about 70g, contains 359mg of cholesterol!

However, these sinful orangey balls help to enhance the flavour of food, especially when they’re mashed, smeared generously over your dish & then sautéed in a hot wok.

While most places serve with shells, I prefer mine peeled & deep-fry with batter to let the egg-yolk “envelope” each prawn.

allrecipes asia salted egg yolk prawn recipe
This recipe has been Rated 5-star & featured @ Allrecipes Asia!

munaty salted egg yolk prawn recipe
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For the dare-devils, here’s my version of Salted Egg-Yolk Prawns with Shichimi.

500g medium-sized prawns
1 salted duck egg
1 chicken egg
½ cup plain flour
4 tsp corn flour
1 tsp oil (for batter)
1 tsp oil (for frying yolk)
1 tbsp butter
Oil for deep-frying
Pepper & salt to taste
Shichimi (optional)


  1. Steam the salted egg. Remove shell & keep the white for other purposes. We only need the yolk for this dish. Mash the yolk & set aside.
  2. Devein & shell prawns. Rinse & set aside.
  3. Add chicken egg, plain & corn flour, oil, water & whisk into a batter. Adjust amount of water to ensure a smooth consistency. Coat prawns with flour & dip into batter.
  4. Heat oil. Put in prawns when oil is hot & deep-fry till golden brown. Remove & drain.
  5. Heat butter & oil. Add salted egg-yolk & fry till “bubbles” formed. Throw in prawns & toss lightly, ensuring they’re thoroughly coated with yolk.
  6. Optional: Sprinkle Shichimi (七味), a common Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients.
  7. Serve crispy & hot!
Salted Egg-Yolk Prawns on Foodista


  1. Yummy...yummy! I love salted eggs. This looks very inviting. Have a wonderful week, my dear. I hope you are doing fine :)

  2. Hey Shirley,
    Gong xi fat chai & xin nien kuai le! Wishing you the very best throughout the year of tiger. Hope you've a wonderful time on this festive season. Oooo..gambling??? Casino is a few Kms away! haha....
    Best regards,

  3. Oh My! I love this dish. Once in a blue moon is ok to eat ;)

  4. Looks like we've got a couple of salted eggs fans...

    Rosidah, thks & u've a good week too!

    Kristy, Happy CNY to u & family too! No casino for me. Rather spend on food. LOL!

    Penny, agree. Ok to indulge once a while :)

  5. They look delicious daaaaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  6. wow....salted egg yolk prawns! This must be very rich, flavourful and delicious....mmmm. I have to make salted eggs now to make this dish.

  7. Yum! I'm looking forward to trying these!

  8. Hi Shirley,

    Very creative to peel the shells. But if I know you well enough, you dread peeling shells while eating your prawns. So, well done.

    Here are some tips to enhance your recipe:-
    1) While frying the prawns in batter, take it out once the batter is formed (need not have to be cooked) and re-dip them in batter again before frying it to crisp again. This process makes the batter more crisp.

    2) Use an egg, beat it and using a strainer, make some egg floss by frying the beaten eggs passed thru the strainer. The egg floss added to the salted egg yolks, will compliment the crispy prawns very well.

    3) While frying the salted yolks, add some bits of fresh chilli and curry leave as garnish to spice up the dish.

    Your good pal.

  9. Martin, thks for your tip! I do Point 1 whenever I make prawn fritters etc. It's really effective. However, this step is not necessary for this recipe as I'm using different type of batter for frying.

    Will try out Point 2 :) For point 3, I'll normally add curry leaves & chilli when frying Cereal Prawns & not this dish. Else everything will taste the same :) Thks so much for sharing!

  10. this look yummy! thanks for sharing!!


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