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Caring for Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are making a comeback & I do have a soft corner for those wonderful, shiny shoes. Patent leather is, fundamentally, leather that has a high gloss coating to create a shiny look. Patent leather is really easy to take care. You can use specific products & home remedies like petroleum jelly.When to wear patent leather shoes? While usually patent leather suits dressy events, they are not to be exclusive to black tie or tuxedo events. Some patent leather shoes suit casual wear like Jeans, to the hilt. Furthermore, patent leather may be too heavy for an elegant dress to be worn to a formal event. But in these times of ‘anything goes’, you can use patent leather whenever the mood strikes.

Whether you spent a lot or not on patent leather shoes, taking good care of them makes common sense. If you have bought a pair of expensive ones, it pays to protect your investment, & if you don’t have much money to spend on shoes, taking care of your existing shoes is vital for saving money.

While you may be contented with just applying some polish on your shoes, a proper care regimen consists of the following: clean, condition, polish & preserve.

To begin cleaning your shoes, start by preparing the atmosphere: work on top of a newspaper, wearing gloves & in a well ventilated area. This is because some of the shoe polish materials are toxic.

First, start cleaning by using a smooth leather cleaner. Soap can also be used. Use a small brush to remove all dirt from the shoes. Then let the shoes dry for a few minutes & shine the shoe with a piece of cotton cloth.

Next comes conditioning, which helps soften & moisturize the leather & prevents the leather from drying & cracking. Some kinds of leather & dry climates require extra conditioning. Look for a conditioner that suits the material of your shoes... one that will be absorbed rather than one that will float on the surface. Smear the conditioner all over the shoe & then rub away all remaining conditioner that has not been absorbed.

Next comes polishing. You must take care since most polishes are toxic. Use gloves while handling shoe polish, do not drink alcohol while polishing & keep out of reach of children. An alternative to polishing your shoe yourself, is to take the shoes to a shoe repair shop & getting them shined & polished. Or rub the shoes with the inside of a banana peel & buff with a rag of cloth. You can also use olive oil or walnut oil, but remember to test them on a small patch on the shoes before applying all over.

Shoe polish paste lasts longest but shoe polish cream comes in different colours. Apply the polish to the shoe with a soft cloth & then allow it to dry. After it dries, shine the shoes by buffing them with a soft cloth or brush made for the purpose.

Finally, weatherproof your shoe by applying bees wax products or by spray protectants. Home remedy to remove scuff marks is applying mineral oil, petroleum jelly, acetone free nail polish remover or vegetable oil. Some even use toothpaste & shaving cream. To get a shiny effect, use a cloth smeared with white vinegar. For more shoe tips, you may also like to read How To Take Care Of Your $500 Shoe!


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