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Has Shang Palace Lost Its Charm?

I haven’t been to Shang Palace for a long time. Totally forgotten the facet of the interior, but I learnt that it has undergone a major renovation few years ago & the main theme for Shang Palace’s décor is “dining in a Chinese Garden”. shangrila shang palace orange groveUpon entering the restaurant, floral motifs take centrestage on the red glass ceiling & exquisite handpainted walls were clearly visible.

An extensive selection of tea greeted me, as I took my seat. The tea menu was interestingly presented in a container, somewhat looked like what devotees use in a Chinese temple.
shangrila shang palace tea selectionEach type of tea was inscribed on a wooden “stick”, like this “Eight Treasures Tea” which I’ve chosen. shangrila shang palace tea menu wooden stickOn it reads, “Concoction includes red dates, wolfberries, longan, chrysanthemum, jasmine tea, ginseng, liquorice and rose buds. Regular consumption helps to lower cholesterol, aid blood circulation and to improve immunity”. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

My purpose here was to sample some tim-sim. I’m quite fussy about “Siew Mai”, a typical & popular dish in a tim-sum restaurant. Standard filling is a combination of ingredients, consisting primarily of seasoned ground pork, whole & chopped shrimp & diced Chinese black mushrooms. shangrila shang palace dim sum siew maiThe outer covering is made of a thin sheet of lye water dough. The center is usually garnished with an orange dot, made of roe or diced carrot, although a green dot made with a pea may also be used. The decorative presentations vary from restaurant to restaurant. The Siew Mai here is not too bad, most importantly, I can taste the chunky bite-sized prawns where some restaurants are really stingy in giving that.

However, the Deep-fried White Bait (S$8) was miserable. It was oily & soggy. I don't blame them. Not many restaurants can perfect this appetizer. If you’re also a fan of "Silver Fish", you may wanna read my recommendations @ Li Bai, Man Fu Yuan & Lei Garden. shangrila shang palace dim sum fried silver fishThe Deep-fried Wanton (S$8) was even worse. Though unique in its serving, which came with a bowl of sweet & sour sauce & some "Char Siew" slices, it was somehow bland. There was also not much fillings in the wanton, I can only taste the skin. shangrila shang palace dim sum wonton This bowl of Braised Shark's Fin & Seafood @ S$48 is not worth trying at all. I could hardly find the fins. Only consolation was that it was piping hot & stock was tasty. shangrila shang palace dim sum shark's finOn the other hand, the Asparagus, Lily Bulb & Shimeji (S$18) was such a delight. The vegetables were crunchy & the Japanese mushrooms were deep-fried to perfection. I've enjoyed the combination & it was delicious. shangrila shang palace asparagusTheir dessert was quite successful too. The vanilla ice-cream was floating on a plate of refreshing avacado cream with sago. At least our meal ended on a sweet note. But honestly, I won't be going back to Shang Palace. Rating: 3/5 shangrila shang palace avocado dessertShang Palace
Shangri-la Hotel
Lobby level, Tower Wing
Tel: (65) 6213 4473


  1. I agree the standard at Shang has dropped. Didn't like the food on my last visit too & it's expensive.

  2. Love to read your review ans look at the food pictures. Isn't it disappointing that there's always something in a restaurant that turns you off...either the food or the service. Eating in Asian restaurants here is very expensive and you don't get authentic food :(


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