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Recipes for Simple Party Snacks

Below are some party snacks that I’d prepared for a group of about 18 Toastmasters Club members on my last meeting, served during our 15 mins break. These are some really simple recipes that need no cooking skills at all.

Cucumber Double Tuna Flakes
Katsuobushi or Bonito, are typically found in bags of small pink-brown shavings. #Bonito are actually dried smoked Tuna used in Japanese cooking.

For this canapé, I’ve used cucumber as a base for a crunchy, refreshing bite. Simple & fast – finished in just 2 steps.

1 can of Tuna flakes
1 pkt of Bonito flakes
1 cucumber
Freshly ground peppercorn

  1. Rinse cucumber well & cut into equal slices. Place them onto a serving plate or party foil.
  2. Mix tuna with peppercorn & spread them onto the cucumbers.
  3. Lastly, top them up with Bonito flakes & you'll get a funky Japanese twist to your usual tuna.
Crabmeat Mini Bites
My son loves crabmeat sandwiches. For the party, I’ve added wasabi to the mayonnaise to give an additional Japanese punch besides using Furikake.

#Furikake is a dry Japanese condiment meant to be sprinkled on rice & can also be found in Japanese cooking such as onigiri (rice balls). It usually contains ingredients like eggs, salmon, seaweed, sesame seeds etc.

1 pkt of Crabmeat
1 loaf of white bread
2 tbsp wasabi paste
4 tbsp mayonnaise
Chopped parsley
  1. Lightly blanch crabmeat & chop finely. Add wasabi, mayo, parsley & mix well.
  2. Cut bread into tiny bite-size. Pour Furikake on plate & coat a slice of bread with the ingredient. Shake off excess else it’ll be too salty.
  3. Spread crabmeat onto another slice of bread & place the coated Furikake bread to form a bite-size sandwich. Continue with the rest & place them on a serving plate.
Pesto Pasta
This is a kinky pasta dish for the festive holiday. To add colours to it, I’ve picked a mixed of green, orange & plain pasta which comes in a packet in different shapes, available at most supermarts.

I’ve also bought a pkt of rainbow mini balls, which are usually used in desserts or drinks. These are made of flour & they’re tasteless. But I love these chewy coloured “tadpoles” which are perfect for any festive dish. Children will love this multi-coloured fanciful pasta & I’m glad this tasty Italian mini “dough” was also well received at the meeting. Below are the ingredients you'll need.

1 pkt of pasta
½ small box of Raisins
10 Black olives (cut into rings)
1 pkt of Chicken sausage (sliced)
½ pkt of Shitake mushrooms (diced)
1 pkt of Rainbow mini balls
½ bottle of Pesto
1 tsp of Butter
1 tbsp Olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste
  1. Prepare pasta according to instructions on pkt. Heat oil in pan. Add pasta & stir in pesto. Add salt, butter, mushrooms & mix well.
  2. Put in the rest of the ingredients & mix thoroughly.
  3. Transfer onto party foil & you’re ready to serve your party dish.
Chocolate Crumbles
I’d made this Choc Crumbles on my hubby’s birthday this September. But this time, I’ve added peaches & strawberry jam to replace berries & honey instead & used cream cheese instead of Bulla cream. The result is a different touch & it tasted real good. The members love it so much that some even took double “shot”, while the rest brought it home as a X’mas “souvenir”. LOL! Try this recipe. I’m sure you’ll be addicted.

On the whole, I’ve enjoyed myself, Bringing Joy To Others On A Blue X’mas.


  1. pretty nice..
    i'll consider this when i organize one, if that's gonna happen! =P

  2. That looks very simple and easy, yhet delicious . Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, looks like you've been cooking up a storm! Everything looks wonderful.
    Wishing you a very happy new year.
    *kisses* HH

  4. You make cooking into a lot of fun. I love your simple step recipes! Wishing you all the best for 2010. Thanks for becoming a wonderful friend, my dear :)

  5. Awesome party appetizers! i love those mini crab bites, yum!

  6. kenwooi, thks & it's easy to prepare too :)

    Ariff, thks for dropping by!

    Mary, Happy Holidays to u too :)

    Heavenly Housewife, oh yeh, it was fun!

    Rosidah, appreciate your kind notes. Happy New Year!

    3 hungry tummies, thks for comment & keep them coming!

    5 Star Foodie, good to have u back again. Thks!

  7. Dear Shirley,
    Loved your site very much. So bright and cheerful and your presentations were excellent. I shall be back to revisit your site again. Thank you for sharing your delicious foodieism!
    Cheers, PT
    You can visit me at

  8. Nikel, thks for visiting!

    pTsaldari, thks for d wonderful comments & do keep them coming! U've a great blog too & I've left mine there :)

  9. thanks a lot for linking this wonderful recipe with Innovative salad event


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