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Crustacean Lovers, This Is For You!

Holidays are a time of togetherness & celebration & parties. Christmas is no exception & parties are plentiful. What better way to celebrate a magical season than having a fun gathering of family & friends & cooking this top-buzzed recipe for them?
Ever thought of using Carnation Evaporated Milk in soups? It’s the perfect way to make them extra rich & creamy. Not only will it add depth to the flavour, it’s sure to win hearts! This crustacean recipe, which is my home-classic, can help to transform any family Christmas get-together into a truly special occasion. With this scrumptious seafood course, nothing quite beats the feeling of a hearty Christmas meal.......

1 Sri Lankan Crab
500g Clams
300g Mussels
6 slices of fish fillets
1 small cuttlefish
1 tube of Toufu
¼ can Carnation evaporated milk
3 slices of ginger
1 litre fish stock
1 tbsp flour
2 tsp of salt
1 tsp Butter
1 tsp Chinese wine
1 tsp of Sesame oil
Dash of pepper

  1. Clean, remove top shell & separate crab into parts. Pat dry & coat with thin layer of flour. Deep-fry till half-cooked to seal in juices & lightly toss it with butter.
  2. Prepare clams & mussels. Click on the highlighted links to see instructions on cleaning preparation.
  3. Using a large pot, heat fish stock & add ginger. Put into crab, close the lid & simmer for ½ hr. I’ve chosen female crab so the tasty roe will give the soup an added punch.
  4. Meanwhile, clean & slice cuttlefish. Make criss-cross sections on the underside of the cuttlefish using a knife. When cooked, the slices will curl to form a beautiful pattern.
  5. Cut fish into slices & lightly marinade them with salt, pepper & corn flour. By adding flour to fish, it’ll give the seafood a smooth texture.
  6. Add salt into the soup. Throw in the shellfish & when they’re almost opened, add in fish & cuttlefish. Stir in milk & put in vegetables & toufu. I’ve chosen spinach here but you can substitute with cabbage if you prefer a sweeter taste.
  7. Add wine, pepper & sesame oil & you’re ready to serve this pot of soup, bursting with rich flavours from the treasures of the sea! Lobster fans, if you prefer, substitute crab with lobster for a richer taste. Check out How To Prepare A Live Lobster! Bon Appetit!!
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  1. This dish is definitely talking to me. :D Beautiful mix of ingredients.

  2. My family loves seafood. I know they would like this dish. Looks very delicious. Hey....we must be thinking about seafood at the same time. I cooked seafood over the weekend and it's on my blog today....Spicy Seafod Kimchi Soup.

  3. Divina Pe, love d mixture of seafood which brings out the succulent taste :)

    Mary, "wise cooks" think alike. LOL! Will run over to check that out :)

  4. That crab is just begging me to eat it! This sounds good!

  5. Oh! My! The look of this dish is already a show stopper!

  6. We don't cook much seafood here and when we do, I'm always a little worried it will be over or under cooked. Thanks for the great info here - and I do agree that this would be a nice holiday dish.

  7. delicious seafood dish, I love all of the flavors going on here

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    Good Luck!
    You've got a great blog- and a great chance to win!

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  9. Tasty Eats At Home, crab always make me drool. LOL!

    Lululu, thks for visiting & keep your comments coming!

    Amy, for seafood, it's tastier to be undercooked than over.

    Jessie, packs a punch in there :)

    Melissa, thks for lovely comments & invite! Will be checking out!

  10. This dish is right up my alley! All the seafood and the stock must be so beautiful and taste of the sea.

  11. whoa, those of us Italians who make 7 fishes for Christmas Eve could just make this one dish and save some time.LOL!

  12. Penny, do try cooking this xmas!

    CaptnRachel, u're absolutely right, 1 treasure pot feeds all. LOL!

  13. I love this, it looks so delicious, great recipes. Like what Mellisa have said, you should submit this recipes for the contest,good job :)

  14. I LOVE seafood and this post has me drooling Shirley! That pot of soup must've been exploding with flavor :-P. Great choice on using female crab.


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