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Bringing Joy To Others On A Blue X’mas

Of late, I’ve not posted any recipes nor events relating to my X’mas celebration. The reason: my father-in-law has just left us. He was suffering from cancer but it was a peaceful parting for him on Dec 20, without any pain.

The wake lasted 7 days, spanning across X’mas & for the Chinese tradition, we’re not allowed to celebrate any special occasions. Hence, no X’mas for us & no Chinese New Year for 2010 as well.

I’ve received a log cake on X’mas eve, with compliments from Marriott Hotel. This was the only X’mas treat my family got this year, no dinner celebration, no X’mas presents……… just a log cake which we’ve “enjoyed” quietly, after a long day at the wake on X’mas eve.

X’mas is about spreading love & bringing joy to others. To bring some festive cheer to the members of the Fuchun Toastmasters Club & to lighten my mood, I decided to go ahead & prepare some snacks for this month’s meeting. I’m a member of this club since middle of this year & Toastmasters is a place for me to learn, grow & develop.

For the meeting, I’ve been advised there’d be 18 attendees. As the members are made up of multi-racial, I’d to pay special attention when preparing food for some of the Muslims. This was my 1st time cooking for my Malay counterparts, I’d to be very careful not to include pork in the diet & also had to observe the utensils I used etc. It was a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it right, so everyone can enjoy.

Since this is the holiday season, I wanted my food to be wacky & colourful. Keeping in mind most attendees would’ve already had their dinner, these “snacks” mustn’t be too heavy. Hence, I came up with 2 canapes with a Japanese twist, a pasta & a dessert:

Double Tuna Flakes

Crabmeat Mini Bites

Rainbow Pesto Pasta

Chocolate Crumbles

I was glad the food was well-received. However, I missed out one important point – vegetarian. I was so engrossed with making dishes fit for Muslims but I entirely overlooked the vegetarian. It didn’t cross my mind that there’d be Vege-saurus in the guests’ list. I felt really bad that two of the attendees couldn’t eat most of the food. This is one valuable lesson for me. With this, I’m sure I’ll make a better host next time.

So how did you celebrate your X’mas? Did you encounter any hiccups or boo-boo like I did?

Click here for the above recipes. Here’s wishing all, a JOYOUS HOLIDAY!


  1. Yeah, at least you've learned something huh! Your preparation looks perfect except the vegetarian part. hehe... never mind~ just remember to add the vegetarian in your list in the next time. Overall well done! Congrats!

  2. My condolences to you and your family. Do take care.

    Will surely come back to look out for the recipes, look fantastic!

  3. Thks gals & happy new year to u!

  4. Apologies for your lose. Have a great new year lovely.


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