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What Is White Tea?

Studies showed that white tea has more anti-viral & anti-bacterial qualities than eg. green tea. As white tea is made out of young leaves & buds, it has more amino acid theanine (has relaxing & mood enhancing properties) than green & black teas, which are made from older leaves. Hence, white tea is the rarest & purest form of tea with the highest antioxidant content but less caffeine among the other types of tea. I’m no tea connoisseur but white tea has been in the topic of discussion of late. On this lazy afternoon, I brewed 2 cups of white tea from the Gryphon’s artisan selectionThe Nymph of the Nile & White Gingerlily. Relaxing on the couch, sipping that perfect cup of tea with compliments from Gryphon Tea Company, was one of the best relaxations in life.

The Organic White Peony Tea, also known as Bai Mu Dan, is an elegant white tea of the highest quality.

The Nymph of the Nile, blending the organic white tea with pink rose (known to improve complexion), rose hips (touted as a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis), the anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory basil & strawberry leaves. The first “contact” with the “Nile” is like walking into a rose garden, surrounded by a bountiful of beautiful roses; the first sip of the tea immediately delivers a surprising fruity flavour.

The brew has a light, delicate, slightly sweet aroma that sharpens the senses without overwhelming the tongue. This unique “Egyptian” mix evokes a sense of sensuality, sending me to the era of Cleopatra.

While the Nymph of the Nile created a delightful harmonious blend of flower & herb, the White Gingerlily brought out an aromatic & delicate balance brew of floral & earthy tone.

This organic white tea has the warmth of Thai galangal & the scent of lemongrass (known to have anti-cancer properties). On opening the sachet, the tea-bag immediately emits a rich & “perfumed” fragrance, transporting me into the world of spa therapy. The tea has a subtle but exquisite tang, with hints of eucalyptus, orange blossom, lily & lavender. Drinking it makes it a smooth & calm experience, with a delicate lingering aroma.

White teas are best when prepared like green tea. Their delicate nature will be destroyed by water that’s too hot. Before you drink that cup of tea, take time to smell the aroma & enjoy the shimmering clear infusion.

One serving of white tea can be brewed several times, with each steep revealing another element of flavour. To get the best of Gryphon teas, each box comes with the origin of the tea, character, aroma, brewing instructions & even pairing suggestions.

Well, instead of the conventional way of drinking tea, why not try using it in your food too? While green & white teas work better with fruits & flowers, black teas are best with spices. Here’s another delicious twist to the Earl Grey black tea……. Christmas is near, you can impress your guests by making this Aromatic Tea-Smoked Chicken, using the afternoon tea classic Earl Grey.


  1. The tea pack sounds excellence! Wow... just imagine the chicken with tea flower

  2. I love tea and would like to harvest some tea leaves in other countries. :d i have never tasted white tea yet. The chicken looks great and it must be really aromatic with the tea flavor.

  3. Tea smoked chicken> Sounds like something I had in KL that was pretty good...

    Might check it out!

  4. My Little Space, smells good too :)

    Mr P, try it & let the aroma fill your home. Thks for visiting!

    Divina Pe, Harvesting tea leaves?? Wow, that's a nice thought! Try cooking with tea leaves this x'mas :)

  5. I love tea, but never have tried white tea before. It sounds very interesting. Have a wonderful week, Shirley :)


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