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Succulent Clams In Just 3 Steps!

Fancy having some Stir-fry Clams in Bean Paste, Chinese-style? I've been eating my mum's version for years & I love it! It's simple & cheap. Today, I’m gonna show you how to cook a plate of economical & juicy clams....... all under S$5 in just 3 steps!

1 kg Clams
2 slices of ginger (shredded)]
1 red chiili (shredded)
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp Brown bean paste (Taucheu)
½ tsp Sesame oil
1 tbsp Chinese wine
1 tsp Cooking oil

  1. To prepare clams, follow the method at What do You Do With That Unfinished Bottle Of Wine? .
  2. Heat oil & sautéed garlic & ginger. Add clams & bean paste & mix well. Cover wok & let it simmer for about 4-5 mins.
  3. Remove lid & dispose any unopened shells. Add sesame oil, wine, chilli & Voila, you’ve got your juicy clams in just 3 steps!
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  1. These clams are different from La-La? But still are delicious. I love it very very spicy. yum...

  2. My Little Space, these are indeed La-la. Cockles have rough, vertical surface & mostly used in dishes like the spicy Laksa served with thick vermicelli. Cockles are delicious too & if you're a dare-devil, try eating them raw :)

  3. Beautiful La-la clams! A quick, tasty way to make these... and with bean paste, yum!

  4. This is great. I have always been intimidated by clams. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It's a long, long time since I last ate these. My mom used to add that into noodle soup when we were young...just so delicious...mmm. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes, yes, Mae! It's yum-yum :)

    Stacy, eat them all up. These are so tasty, u just need a bowl of rice.

    Mary, it's good to cook Chinese-style clams once a while rather than always Spaghetti Vongole. But I've to meet d request of my son. LOL!

  7. Yummy, yummy... and so practical! Thanks for sharing, Shirley. Have a wonderful week :)

  8. i'm not sure if my first comment went through, if it did then please delete this one, Shirley.

    Ah, 3 simple steps and you've got yourself a great delicious dish. Can't get any better than that. You know how I love seafood, so needless to say, I absolutely love this dish!

  9. Lequan, nice & unbelievable cheap! Thks for dropping by again :)


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