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What do You Do With That Unfinished Bottle Of Wine?

spaghetti alla vongole recipe
I’m sure there’re occasions where you bite into “sandy” clams while dining in restaurants. So what’s the secret to get rid of the sand in the clams?

My hubby and I aren’t wine drinkers so we can never finish that bottle of wine. What do I do with it? Since I love to cook, I save them for cooking. This time, I’ve used about ¼ bottle to cook Spaghetti Vongole and enjoy the rest of the wine. You’ll get a plate of juicy, succulent white wine clams.

The trick to “sand-free” clams: Most recipes don’t tell you to put clams in salt water before cooking. But I’ve the habit of doing that to purge the sands. You’ll know why I insist on soaking in salt water when you see how dirty the water is when you try cooking clams.

1 kg Clams (Serves 3 - 1kg is a lot but we love clams!)
2 cloves of garlic
1 chilli
Sprigs of Parsley
¼ bottle of white wine
2 tbsp of Extra Virgin olive oil
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

  1. Soak clams in salt water for at least ½ hr. Throw away any clams that have broken shells. If shells are opened, tap on them. If it’s alive, it’ll close else discard.
  2. tricks to sand free clams
  3. Prepare your spaghetti according to the instructions on your pasta pack. Do not overcook the pasta. Meanwhile, slice the garlic and cut up the chilli and pasley.
  4. delicious juicy clams recipes using chardonay
  5. Heat pan and sauteed the garlic and chilli.
  6. delicious juicy white wine clams recipe
  7. Add clams, wine and salt. Cover with lid for about 4-5mins to open up the clams. Throw away empty shells and discard any unopened clams. delicious juicy white wine clams recipes
  8. Add your pasta and parsley and toss well.
  9. juicy chardonay vongole pasta recipe
  10. Here’s your juicy plate of classic Spaghetti Alla Vongole! Do you have any other suggestions for that bottle of unfinished wine? Share your ideas with other readers here.juicy white wine vongole pasta recipe
Pasta Vongole on Foodista


  1. Thanks for sharing how to clean & cook clams. Will tell my friends if they eat clams. I hardly eat clams....seldom find them here. I eat mussels. Lovely recipe you shared. I love to use wine in cooking.

  2. Having a glass or two of wine per day is beneficial in avoiding certain health risk such as heart disease. It can also make the bones stronger especially for postmenopausal women. As the saying goes, "Drink a glass of wine after your soup, and you steal a ruble from the doctor.
    Paris Wine Tastings

  3. Mary, do try this yummy Deep-fried Mussels Recipe!

    MansTouch, nice quote & thks for the suggestion!

  4. Great use of leftover wine! Spaghetti & clams sound wonderful!

  5. Thank you very much for sharing. Simply delicious ! Cheers !

  6. Your recipe looks fantastic, Your title made me giggle -- "Leftover wine???" never a problem in my house!

  7. Thks for all your notes!

    Whineaux, perhaps I shall invite you over whenever we've wine??

  8. Hi Shirley,

    Where is the best place to get clams?

  9. Amy, I get mine from Cold Storage where I can take my time to pick & choose :)


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