My Very Own Limited Edition Birthday Cookbook!

OMG! Guess, what?? I’ve just received one of the most beautiful birthday presents & my big day is not till November! This is X’mas comes early…… no, I meant birthday comes early. I’m really thrilled & wanted to show the world this lovely gift that I’ve received this morning, from a friend of almost 30 yrs. Gosh! Our friendship’s that long already??

Doris & I were in the same class during our secondary school days & we’ve been friends since. She is one of the few close classmates that I’m still in touch with & they’re the best, most sincere people around. I bet Doris is just as excited as I am, that’s why she can’t wait till my actual day to deliver her hard-work.

I was almost moved to tears when I saw her card & opened her present. Look what she got me – My very own Luxury Haven Cookbook!!Doris has actually compiled all my recipes & nicely laminated the pages into a book.She has even inserted “About the Author” at the end of it. Wait, wait, there’s more…. She has also included personalized placemats & coasters for 6 diners. Pretty cool ya? I love surprises & this is one of the many astonishing surprises that I get from my friends each year. I'm blessed with many creative friends who has that pair of "Edward's Scissors Hands". Yes, I'm one lucky 'gal'.

Check out Sweet Indulgence At The Marmalade Pantry?, which displayed another artful gift by another old friend of mine.

I’m deeply touched by Doris' efforts & the time she spent making this special gift. I’ll definitely cherish this gem & may our friendship lasts forever.Thank you very much for this exquisite birthday present, my dear friend!


  1. I'm so glad that you loves the little gift. ;D You have actually captured it very well on this post. Advance Happy Birthday and for many more years to come!

  2. Thks again, my dear! An impressive piece of work.

  3. Happy Birthday to you too! I'm so envy. Doris is so nice! You're a lucky lady!

  4. Wow, that is such a nice thoughtful gift! Happy birthday in advance!

  5. What a lovely gift! Doris is so sweet and thoughtful.

  6. Thank u, gals! Indeed, I'm one lucky lady :)

  7. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! Happy early birthday!

  8. Such a great gift from a truly wonderful friend. Happy birthday!


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