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It's The Hairy Crab Season!

Yes, it's my favourite time of the year again, where I've been waiting patiently to indulge in some indecent roes. Forget about high cholestrol, blah, blah, blah...... it's only once a year that you get to feast. The Shanghainese Hairy Crab ( 大閘蟹 ) is a famous delicacy in Shanghai cuisine & is prized for the female crab roe, with Yangcheng Lake, being the most famous area & origin. Apparently, each authentic crab carries an identification tag with a serial number to distinguish them as the real deal.

Every year during this season, I'll go from restaurants to restaurants just trying out these crustaceans, paying between SGD 60 - SGD 100 for each of these approx 250g hairy crabs (about the size of one's palm). If I'm lucky, like this trip to Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, I get more than a teaspoon of these Chinese " Caviar ". Because I only feast on the roe, disposing the flesh, it's really painful to spent that amount for just a teaspoon of roe.

The crab is steamed & served with ginger & vinegar. If you go to a reputable restaurant, you'll be pampered as a skillful pair of hands will cut up & separate the parts for you. So you just sit & watch, waiting to savour the golden, creamy roe. Look at the amount of roe in this tiny crab. Lucky me! You'll start off tasting the roe first, then feast on the flesh. The crab meat are neatly lined out on a plate for me to indulge. But like I've mentioned, I only go for hairy crab roe & not meat. So I passed off this dish. I'm satisfied as I've got more than I've bargained for this time.

At the end of the meal, some restaurants eg. Lei Garden, will hand you a small amount of toothpaste for you to get rid of the smell on your hands. Others will just have a bowl of tea or water with lemon for cleaning hands.

As the Chinese believed that hairy crabs have a "cooling" (yin) effect on the body, a cup of complimentary ginger tea is normally served to counter the effect. The sweet & spicy tea is indeed a nice wrap-up to this sinful meal.Check out my other Hairy adventure @ 1-For-1 At Li Bai, Sheraton Towers!


  1. U sure are tempting me! Discard the flesh? oh, what a waste. I eat all. ;P

  2. LOL! I'm sure you'd enjoy :) For hairy crabs, I'd normally pass the meat to my dining partner. There's not much anyway, considering the size :)

  3. bring me. u eat the roes. i eat the fleshs

  4. oh, u've made me literally wanna kill u, cos i miss my hairy crab eating day back in hk!

  5. Thks, Family Cuisine!

    Nice one, Baby!

    Lululu, Hairy Crabs are so cheap in China & HK. I missed eating there. Thks for sharing & I've left my comments on your blog :)


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