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Inner Glow By Mikimoto Pearls

I was attending a dinner party just the other night & was looking for the perfect accessories to go with my evening wear. I was digging into my “treasure” box & found this stunning set of Mikimoto Pearl necklace & ear-rings bought some time back. I just had to do a double-twist & this long necklace was immediately transformed into another elegant design to match this simple dress, by local designer Francis Cheong.

The best thing about indulging in a set of designer pearls is that they're classy & lasting. While the basic colours include cream, gray, green, blue & pink. The most popular are white & pink rosé because these shades flatter the widest range of skin tones. So if you wanna shine from within, choose Mikimoto Pearls, one of the world's most prevalent fashion accessories.

Tip to beautiful & long-lasting pearls:
Be sure to put on your jewellery after you do your make-up & to wipe it with a soft cloth after use. If substances such as hair spray or perfume adhere to your jewelleries, they will lose their radiance, causing alteration or loss of colour.

Do you have other suggestions on maintaining those precious pearls? Do share with the readers here.

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