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Cheesy Baked Crab @ Palm Beach Seafood

palm beach seafood restaurant, one fullerton singapore
This popular seafood restaurant has a host of accolades under their name. Fans of Palm Beach would probably remember their days @ Leisure Dome, Kallang. Huge sitting space with 2 floors, simple & no frills décor……. Most importantly, their reasonable prices & good food, which attracted a following of loyal customers, like myself.

open rice palm beach seafood restaurant review
Review Picked as Editor's Choice @ OpenRice S'pore

This plain Jane has gone through a lot of transformation over the years & the restaurant, located just next to iconic Merlion @ One Fullerton, is one elegant lady. My family was there to celebrate a joyous occasion.

Our first course was the Crispy Baby Squid from S$10 – S$20. You can find this dish in a lot of Chinese restaurants or even at Zhi Char stalls (local seafood stalls & mostly non air-con). It's a simple plate of deep-fried calamari with honey. Beer lovers would probably like to have this munchies to go along.
palm beach seafood restaurant crispy baby squid review
Crispy Crullers from S$10 – S$20. We ordered this for our teenage son, which is one of his favourites. The Chinese crullers are unlike those in Europe or USA. These are often referred to as “You Tiao” & often eaten during breakfast, sometimes with Soyabean Milk. The crullers served in seafood restaurants are slightly different as they're stuffed with squid & fish paste, then deep-fried till crispy. palm beach seafood restaurant crispy crullers review
Piggy & Bessy from S$18 – S$36. I don’t know why the funny name but the slices of pork fillet sure tasted better than its name. They're marinated with a tinge of vinegar, so the tender fillets tasted a little sweet & sour. The dish also comes with a plate of steamed buns. palm beach seafood restaurant piggy and bessy review
The way to eat it: Slide a slice of fillet into the bun opening. palm beach seafood restaurant piggy and bessy reviews
Double-Baked Crab Ala Singapura
is an award-winning dish @ the S’pore Food Festival @ about S$60 for each 1.5kg crab. If you’re a cheese lover or tired of eating the same old Chilli/Black Pepper Crabs, this one’s for you. palm beach seafood restaurant double baked crab review
So far, this is the only restaurant in S’pore that serves this yummy cheesy crab. The chef uses mouth-watering Sri Lankan crab & bake with cheese to perfection. The baked crab has a touch of crispiness on the outside & when you bite into it, it has the freshest juicy meat. As there were 5 of us & everyone loves this cheesy crab, we’d to order 2 crabs. And of course, to ensure we’ve enough crab roes to go around, we’d to pre-order the female crabs 3 days in advance. Just look at the amount of roes. Yum-yum!!

The above-mentioned are kinda the standard dishes that we’d order whenever we’re at Palm Beach. You can also try their Yammy & Abby @ S$5/each, which is actually yam topped with baby abalone.

Food is good here but honestly, the restaurant lacks service. Though I’ve a couple of bad experiences there, it has never stopped me for returning. I’ve been their fan since their Kallang days & that was more than 15 yrs ago. If you don’t mind their slow & unpolished service, this is the place to go for good food.

Crab lovers, what are your favourite cooking styles? The conventional chilli or black pepper, the innovative salted egg-yolk or creamy cheese, or the soupy crab bee-hoon? Check out my article on It's The Hairy Crab Season! if you enjoy crab roes too.

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant
1 Fullerton Road
#01-09 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Tel: +65 6336 8118

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