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What Shall I Cook For My Japanese Guest?

Tomorrow evening, I’ve a guest from Japan & here's what I’ve planned to cook. I’ve arranged for 8-course initially but Kaz said he’s on diet & doesn’t want to eat much. So I’ve cut down to 7-course, taking away the Seafood Rice Porridge with Cordyceps.
I've rolled the menu & attached with a sample Eau De Givenchy. I love buying parfum samples & putting them on the dinner plates, either with Menu-of-the-day or a Thank U tag when I'm hosting special guests. On my last house-warming with some childhood friends, I made a compilation of our gatherings through the years in a CD. It's just my way of thanking them for a lovely evening.

While Kaz was living in Singapore then, for about 3yrs, he loves going to Outram Park to eat Paper Chicken. Sadly, the outlet there is long gone. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the Paper Chicken prepared for him tomorrow. My family is looking forward to having him. Check out these recipes:


  1. Hope you have had a great dinner. It is very thoughtful of you to place special gift for your guests. They mist be very touched. I can't imagine having to cook and still have to remember all these details... it will definitely stress me out. Well done!

  2. Hey thks! We'd a great dinner. Our guest loved the dishes especially the XO Squid & asked if he can get it outside. But I told me it's my new creation, he can only eat @ Shirley's Top-Dollar Restaurant. LOL!


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