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Power of American Ginseng & Abalone

ptitchef features american ginseng abalone soupThis Double-boiled Dried Abalone Chicken Ginseng Soup, which was featured as "Starter of the Day" @ PtitChef, was a healthy start in What Shall I Cook For My Japanese Guest? on 21 Sep.

The Chinese name for American Wild Ginseng is Yeshan Huaqishen (野山花旗参), Yangshen (洋参) or Paoshen (泡参). Like all ginseng, the wild variety is the best. In modern China, American Ginseng’s frequently called 'green gold' due to its precious value.

The herb's appreciated for its cooling but revitalizing properties. It reduces heatiness, quenches thirst & restores energy levels. Due to these properties, American Ginseng's especially helpful to smokers & people prone to fatigue & irritability. Those who lead a busy active life, especially those engaged in a lot of mental work, should drink American Ginseng tea on a regular basis to harmonize the body system & maintain good health.

If you find double-boiling the herb cumbersome, just put slices of American Ginseng into a cup. Pour boiling water & steep for about 30 mins before drinking.

*Note: When purchasing American Ginseng, beware of your source. Since I can’t tell the real from fake or inferior ones, I only get my Chinese herbs from Eu Yan Sang although prices are much higher than other shops. It’s better to be safe than sorry since prices are exorbitant. Do not be misled that you can get a whole bottle of this American Ginseng for S$488; you can’t even fill a quarter. It’s 1 tael or 37.5g = S$488!!
Once you’ve selected your Ginseng, the staff at Eu Yan Sang will slice them for you on request using a traditional machine & transfer them into a bottle. This way, you can store the herbs for a longer period in this tightly-sealed container.

Of course, not forgetting the jewel – Abalone. Like Shark’s Fin, Abalone’s a symbol of wealth & good fortune to the Chinese & is considered a banquet fare. The different types of Dried Abalones are used to impart a distinct essence to Chinese soups because they've a more concentrated flavour than fresh ones. Their succulent taste & velvety texture are enticing & they're usually simmered in broth for many hours to soften it.  This is the cheaper type of Abalone.abalone soup recipesThe abalone is also valued for its numerous medicinal properties. It’s high in protein, vitamin E & magnesium & said to be good for our eyes & immune system. Check out the recipe....

4 Dried Abalones
4 Chicken drumlets
20 slices of American Wild Ginseng
Chicken stock
Dash of Chinese wine
Salt & pepper to taste
  1. Soak dried abalones overnight.american ginseng abalone soup
  2. Divide drumlets, abalones & ginseng equally & place them into 4 tonic bowls. Fill bowls with chicken stock.
  3. Double-boil for 8hrs. Add wine, salt & pepper before serving.american ginseng abalone soup recipe
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