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Help! I’m Going Out Of Shape!!

23, 22, 21, ok, 20 more to go, keep it up….. Gosh! These were the sit-ups that I used to push myself to do just to lose some fats.

Has this ever happened to you? You're dressing for a special event & when you slip into your favourite Prada dress or Versace jeans, you can no longer zip up.
I started putting on weight once I hit 40, & there goes all my lovely designer dresses. I just couldn’t fit in them anymore.

Some people get a temporary layer of fat to prepare the body for a growth spurt. Others fill out permanently. Some people eat healthy food & workout but still gain weight. Others chow down on everything in sight & still stay skinny.

You're always hearing, “If u wanna reduce your weight, lose it the healthy way….”, blah, blah, blah. I know, but my problem is - I’m not a sporty person & I hate going to gyms. I love good food & it’s so hard to resist temptation. At one period, I fought hard to put myself in a daily routine just to lose some weight:
Breakfast = Fruit diet
Lunch = Apple-cider drinks or vegetable soups
Dinner = lots of vegetables & steamed dishes

Exercise/Slimming program:
30 sit-ups/30mins workout @ the gym, 1hr Cardio Latino exercise
30mins Radio Frequency on tummy/1hr cellulite & muscle toning treatments

Struggling with that extra weight is mentally taxing. I’m not greedy. I did all the above just to lose 7kg & sadly, not much of a result. Just when I was at the verge of giving up, I learnt of the Cavitation technology.

What is Cavitation?
Cavitation is the latest technology in slimming. It makes use of stable cavitations to obtain the best results by breaking fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles. The complex fatty acids are then broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids can then be passed out through excretory system.

What Happens During Cavitation?

Cenosis, one of the leaders in the slimming & beauty industry, is the first slimming centre in Singapore to use the Cavitation technology. The best part of it, they’re offering the service @ a promotional price of S$33!

Is this new innovation able to help me in my weight loss? Will this novelty pop the bubbles out of me & emulsify my fats?

Let’s make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how we can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of S$33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit to make an appointment now!


  1. This sure sound like a technology that's going to work and it's so cheap. Shall give it a try. Off i'm going to call.....

  2. Thanks for the info. I can visualise my fat melting away.... will give it a try!


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