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Cheap & Good Shark's Fin/Abalone At Tam Kah

This Chinatown restaurant was recommended by my mum, who’s also a gastronome. I’ve stopped over the Smith Street branch on many occasions, sometimes just dropping by to have a bowl of their yummy Shark’s Fin Soup after a tired walk. But it’s the first time I’ve visited the Upper Cross Street outlet. Décor of both outlets are simple. Looked almost the same except this is slightly bigger. Nothing fanciful on the facet but their dishes & reasonable prices will make you go Wow!

First course that arrived at our table was the S$28 Tam Kah Superior Shark’s Fin. It was served in a hotpot with reasonable chunks of Shark’s Fin & one whole piece of Dried Scallop.
The stock, fused with the delicacy, was a mouth-watering start. Prices of Shark’s Fin range from just S$6 right up to S$128, depending on the grade. The furthest I’ve stretched to date at Tam Kah was S$88. Although the economy seems to be on the road to recovery, it’s safer to be modest on the pocket. The S$28 quality is just as yummy.

Next on the table was the Salted Egg-yolk Prawn Ball @ S$18. It was Eggi-licious! This version of the dish slightly differs from the norm you’d find in other restaurants. The de-shelled prawns are coated with batter & salted egg-yolk & deep-fried till perfection. Those that I’ve eaten so far are non-shelled & without batter. This is an interesting change. Mmmm……. I’m adding this to my To-Do List for my next trial. Time for my fave dish again. Did I mention I’m a abalone lover?? I’m easily enticed by this gem. The South African Abalone here is @ S$28/S$38 & the Braised African Dried Abalone is @ S$48/98. My pick was the latter. My preference is usually the dried ones as they’ve got a deeper & richer taste. The S$48 abalone’s only about half the size of my palm but if you’re into size, then go for the fresh ones instead. Other dishes ordered include a Chye-Sim vegetable & the Yang Chow Fried Rice. Don’t like the fried rice here as it’s a little soggy & lacking fragrance.
Tam Kah Shark's Fin Restaurant
27 Smith Street
Singapore 058964
Tel: 65 6225 1259

16-18 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 058331
Tel: 65 6223 1611

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a lovely blog. Cheers!

  2. This meal looks so good. I love shark's fin soup. I have not had any since I returned to the US, however.

  3. Thank u gals, for dropping by!

    Heatherfeather, shark's fin in US must be expensive :<

  4. hey Shirley,

    i loved your blog the first time i visited and went through some of your recipes. that's when i added you to my google reader and that's how i knew to come back for your awesome abalone meal :-P
    i hope you don't mind me not subscribing as i prefer google reader more. you really do have a great blog here. i'm going to share some of your blog with my hubby, we both love to eat :-D

  5. Lequan, thks for your kind words. Glad u like it & found it useful :)


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