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Secret To Sensual Feet & Shoes!

My favourite Nine West stilettos was ruined after getting caught in the rain. Thank goodness I discovered Kiwi Soft’ins & it only costs me S$4.95!

These comfortable insole liners are made of ultra-soft fibres that help to reduce the friction between the foot & shoe & absorb moisture to prevent feet from slipping in shoes. And it's so easy to use......

Step 1:
I peeled off the Nine West plastic film on the stilettos to ensure a smooth surface.

Step: 2:
I trimed liners according to my shoes, remove the protective layers & place them firmly on the shoes.

Voila! Here's my new pair of Nine West stilettos.
These Soft'ins designs come in leopard, zebra, polka dots, pastel floral & green dots to choose from, you’re really spoilt for choices. They can be easily removed without leaving residues.

Finally, there's a way to look great in your stylish shoes! Get yours from Watsons now

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  1. WTF!! this is super ultra brilliant! I want 3!!

  2. have not seen this product b4, very useful.

  3. Believe me, it's awesome!

    Thks for following my blog, Agnes! Left a comment on your food blog & tried in vain to return d favour. Java-script error when i clicked on follow & it hanged.


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