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An Evening With Celebrity Chef Bob Blumer

He’s funny, friendly & extremely charming. It’s Bob Blumer’s 1st trip to Singapore & I was one of the lucky few who attended the 'Surreal Surprise with Bob Blumer', the host & co-creator of the adventure television series Glutton for Punishment on Saturday evening!

And I also got this lovely 2-way mug, courtesy of Discovery Travel & Living. This red "flower" is a base for the cup but you can also use it to put cookies for your coffee as shown in the pix. Oh, & I got to keep the signature 'Cooking Up A Storm' apron.
Besides displaying his culinary skills, Bob constantly engaged the crowd with his food adventures in his TV series. He also entertained the audience with his juggling skills as shown in the pix below. It was an incredible gastronomic evening with the ‘no-rules’ chef, giving a culinary experience like no other.
Bob is known to transform common ingredients into wow-inspiring dishes through the whimsical presentations & unusual cooking methods that are his trademark. The evening, we were shown how to cook 3 dishes:

(Chix breasts, Breadcrumbs, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Oregano, Thyme)

Coconut Shrimp Lollypops with Apricot-Ginger Sauce
(Shrimps, Shredded Coconut, Apricot Jam, Ginger, Mustard)

(Wanton wrappers, Peanut Butter, Banana, Herhey's Caramel Chocolates)
Going by the names, you can imagine how creative these dishes are, which were composed with the aim of provoking, surprising & delighting his audience through unexpected contrasts of flavour & texture. Don't forget to check this space for my step-by-step photo instructions on the above dishes & catch Glutton for Punishment 3, starting this Thursday at 10.30pm on Discovery Travel and Living!


  1. Sounds like u had a GREAT TIME! And I'm sure you liked all the dishes cos they're DEEP-FRIED!

  2. I love the chicken Popsicle idea! I will be using that a lot this summer!

  3. Wow! So lucky, you. Sounds kind of fun, looking forward to your step by step guide on these recipes. Thank in advance.

  4. That looks like it was such a fun time!!!

  5. Shirley,
    Looks like a really fun time of cooking with the chef!

    Bon appetit!

  6. OMG! I must've missed all these comments :<

    Sorry for being late. Thks for all your comments!

    Chef Ryan, sure I'd fun! Thks & good luck to your challenge!


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