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Recipe: Classic Lobster Bisque

how to make classic lobster bisque
This is the classic Lobster Bisque recipe for My Lobster Affair but if you find prices of lobsters too steep, you may wanna use my Prawn Bisque recipe instead. I'm using Spiny Lobster for this dish & will also be using some of the stock here to thicken it as a sauce for my Steamed Lobster.
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1 fresh live Spiny lobster (Spider)
Lobster stock (reserved from Steamed Lobster recipe)
1 small tray of fish bones
2 carrots (chopped)
2 stalks of celery
1 large onion (chopped)
300g tomato paste
200g Bulla thickened cream
3 tbs white wine/brandy
2 tbs flour
1 tbs olive oil
1 tbs butter
Parsley (chopped)
Salt & pepper

how to cook spiny lobster
  1. Wash & boil the fish bone to prepare stock. Remove bones & set aside. how to cook soup with salmon bones
  2. Click on the link to see How To Prepare A Live Lobster.
  3. Take a deep breath. Position the tip of the knife blade & plunge it through to the cutting board to separate the lobster’s head & tail. Lobsters can have the body parts cut off & still be moving. Refrigerate to keep it fresh.
  4. learn how to cook a live lobster for soups
  5. Heat oil & add butter. Fry the vegetables till soft & transfer into the pot of fish stock.
  6. learn how to make vegetables bisque
  7. Add lobster & wine. Quickly remove the tail when it’s half-cooked.
  8. how to cook lobsters for festive holidays
  9. Using a sharp scissors, cut under shell of the tail section & pull out the flesh carefully. Put the meat aside & throw the shells back into the stock & simmer until liquid reduced by half.
  10. how to cook succulent lobster tails
  11. Remove shells & strain mixture by pressing gently down to extract liquid. Discard vegetables & shells but keep the head. vegetable soup base for lobster bisque recipe
  12. Return liquid to pot. Add paste, parsley & simmer for another 15mins.
  13. vegetable soup base for lobster bisque recipes
  14. When bisque is ready, stir in starch with cream. Stir over medium fire till thickened.
  15. cooking lobster bisque using bulla cream
  16. (Optional) If you’re using brandy, you may wanna remove the pot from the heat & pour in the cognac before stirring in the flour (step 9). Ignite the cognac with a long kitchen match & let the alcohol burn off.
  17. Add the half-cooked lobster meat just before serving. Do not overcook.
  18. adding fresh lobster meat to bisque
  19. Add wine & season to taste. Serve piping hot & garnish with parsley.
how to cook classic lobster bisques

To enjoy the delicious lobster roe, use a lobster pick or skewer & pick out the flesh & roe from the head. tasty lobster roe from steamed seafood

Sauce for Steamed Lobster
  1. Mix well 1 tsp of flour with 1 tbs of water.
  2. Bring ½ cup of bisque to boil & add starch to thicken the sauce. Add a dash of wine to give flavour & dribble on to the Mouth-watering Lobster Tail.festive succulent lobster tail recipe for parties
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