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80th Birthday, Ageing Gracefully

The age of 80 is a major milestone in life. To reach that age is something to be thankful for. Not many people get to live 80 fruitful years & yet still stay strong & healthy. Life has a nasty habit of making things ironic. Just when you’ve so many memories, you begin to lose them one by one. Most people at that age find memories very elusive. They tend to be forgetful & some even develop Alzheimer's disease.

It’s hard to admit but when you reach 80, there’re probably not many birthdays to come. I’m glad my mum’s 80th Birthday Bash was a great success, all owing to the lively guests who’ve made it all possible. (Birthday card drawn by my teenage son)
read about how to age gracefully
Most would probably dread attending an 80 yr-old birthday party unless of course, you belong to that age group, the youngest guest there being 55 & above. I mean, how interesting can a senior citizen party be, especially in Asia, where we’re a conservative lot compared to the west?
check out this fabulous old folks birthday partyMany would think nothing more than just sipping Chinese tea at the party & simply sitting at their respective tables chatting among themselves. But not at THIS Birthday Bash. These old folks were sipping red wines, karaoke-ing & grooving to the music. This event has definitely proven me wrong & I’m glad I was there to witness this party, which I’ve enjoyed as much as the guests. old folks having a good time
This special occasion marked my mum’s 80th grand milestone & there were about 50 invited guests for the 10-course dinner. check out this grand birthday party
They're mum’s Karaoke buddies, dancing partners, Mahjong Kakis (players) & voluntary workers just like herelf. Most folks have known my mum for years & some have watched my brother & I grown from a very young age. I’d a great time chatting & catching up with these aunties.
Dinner was to begin at 7pm but some Karaoke fans were already at the restaurant from 6pm enjoying themselves. singapore old folks karaoke singing party
Time was forgotten as the guests were singing & disco-ing, dancing Rock n Roll, Cha-Cha, Waltz etc. They were having a ball of a time.catch these old folks singing
dancing to age gracefully old folks enjoying at the party
Dinner only started at 8pm with the Longevity Buns being served. For those who haven’t tried these buns, they’re filled with lotus paste & represent good wishes. birthday longevity buns
The Cold Dish was a delectable platter of Prawn Salad, Spicy Jellyfish, Deep-fried Meat Roll, Roast Pork, Shellfish & Spring Rolls.
Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat. A must-have dish that is present in almost all Chinese banquets.
Crispy Roast Chicken
roast chicken party dish
Fried Prawns with Garlic

Nonya-styled Steamed Live Sea Bass

Fresh Scallops with Cuttlefish

Braised Abalone with Spinach

Longevity Mee-Suah (type of vermicelli)
Dessert – Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts. Mum's good friend, Aunt Lucy, feeding her the Yam Paste on stage, which symbolizes "Sweetness Forever". Of course, a birthday party is never complete without a cake. I wanted to surprise mum with an out-of-the-ordinary cake, one she’ll have no complaints about. Look what I've gotten her - a Mahjong Cake! beautiful mahjong birthday cake at partyAll the guests were bewildered by the lovely cake especially the Mahjong Kakis. The cake was indeed the highlight of the evening, everyone was so impressed by the Mahjong tiles on the cake, which were made from gelatine. The tiles displayed here represent “Thirteen Wonders”, the highest score in the game of Mahjong. The words “福如东海, 寿比南山“ on the cake meant “May your fortune be as boundless as the Eastern Sea & may you live a long & happy life!”.Indeed, these seniors at this party are living a long & happy life; discovering new ways to be active, stay healthy & simply have fun. The ladies exude confidence & there were so much energy & laughter in the hall. I was truly amazed.

Not only I've enjoyed myself, I've also learnt a great deal from these aunties. They live their lives with vitality & meaning. They work, volunteer, look after grandchildren, travel, pick up new hobbies & indulge in musical pursuits. Most importantly, they've live life to the fullest.


mahjong agar agar chendol jelly luxury haven
Like the Mahjong Cake? How about making your own? Hop over to see how easy it is at Mahjong Agar Agar Cake For Potluck Party, Anyone Game?


  1. Hi,
    What a great tribute to your mother!Iloved reading and seeing all the fun activities.I especially loved your cake! We really need to add East meets the West one day. You are so creative!

  2. Wow! Your mum and all the aunties sure looked like they are having lots of fun. It's indeed amszing to be still so active at this age. May your mum have many more happy years ahead.

  3. Happy birthday to your mother, may she have many more!

  4. Happy, happy Birthday to your beautiful Mother! The banquet looks gorgeous! so many wonderful dishes. You are a special loving daughter. Best, s

  5. I like reading birthday stories. The Mahjong cake is fabulous! Best wishes to your Mom.

  6. Thank u for all your wonderful compliments! I'm sure mum will be happy to hear that :)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM! 80 years and all so lively and full of energy.

    I beg you had lots of fun then.

    May I know where did you get that cake from?

  8. Hey!!! Happy Belated B Day to your mom...! She's lucky to have a daugther so nice as you...what a great party!

  9. That looks like a lot of fun! And that cake looks awesome!Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!

  10. Shirley, you sure know how to throw a party -- your Mom must have felt so loved and appreciated -- what fun! (The dinner menu was fabulous!) I truly enjoyed this post and also your summary about living life with vitality and meaning. Good advice for all of us, no matter what age!

  11. Kimby, it was a great party! I'm glad u appreciate the post. Thks so much!

  12. This was such a beautiful post, Shirley, truly touching and it shows the enormous amount of affection and love you have for your mum. From the photos, I can see just how lively and fun the party must have been. And the food looked so delicious. And that was so thoughtful, and may I say, very creative, of you to make a Mahjong cake! Everyone must've enjoyed that, and if I were your mum, I wouldn't touch it, it's too pretty to eat hahahah

    And your mum looked so healthy, happy and beautiful here. The apple really did not fall far from the tree, ya? :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  13. Wi, thks so much for your lengthy comments! I can't bake, dear! The cake was a special order. Wish I could make one like that. It was a pity the mahjong tiles weren't enough for all. Every guests wanted a piece. Hahaha! I hope to live like her too :)

  14. It is indeed a beautiful post....I am sure the guests had a lot of fun at the party....may your mother see many more b'days....

  15. Neha, thks! My mum will be most happy to know that :)

  16. Hong, I love it too! Wish I could make. Lol!

  17. Hi blackswan, would you share your contact for the birthday cake pls?

  18. My email add
    Mom's birthday coming up, am hoping to get her one too :) thanks!

    1. Hey, thanks for popping by! I'm afraid I can't recall the name of the bakery as it's 5 years ago. I actually saw it on a TV program on Ch 8 & that got me excited & ordered for my mom.

      If you can't find, try making your own. I did it just just last year. Recipe at Mahjong Agar Agar Cake For Potluck Party, Anyone Game? I've uploaded the pix in the post above. Have fun! xoxo


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