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The Things I Want To Do With My Family!

Following my Mother's Day Celebration with my 80 yr-old mum, I realized that time's running out for me. A terrible fear struck me “How much time is there left for me to spend with her?”.
I'm thankful that my mother is healthy & still very active, she enjoys dining, going out with friends, having friendly majong games & best part of all, she does community work, even at her age.

Well, the annual National Family Celebrations (NFC) is near again & I'd like to take this opportunity to have a good time with my family & mum. After all, this is what the event is all about – Family Bonding. Besides, I’d like to instill the importance of family values into my teenage son & let him learn to appreciate our loved ones while they're still around. Plus, it's also a time to celebrate my mum's birthday, which falls on 22 Jun.
For those who’re hit by the economic crisis & left without a job, take this Family Day Out as a break to de-stress & strengthen your family ties. Through this difficult phase, you may have unknowingly let out your frustrations on them. Now is a good time to make up. Take advantage of the list of promotions available @ NFC, with free admissions to attractions for children etc, during the National Family Celebrations period.

Mum’s an animal lover so Night Safari, the world’s first in Singapore, will probably be an interesting place to go again. She has been there when it first opened years ago, but with the changes through the years, she’ll probably be delighted. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the Creatures of the Night Show. Moreover, with 50% off on admission tickets, what could be a better time to visit?
So start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!

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  1. Your Mom looks very healthy! I hope I will be that fit at her age. Have a great day, Shirley :)


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