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Mother's Day Video

Tomorrow is Mother's Day & guess what? I've to return to "school" to attend a full-day training from 9am-6pm, while most will be enjoying & celebrating this special occasion. Gosh! I'd to call my mum to postpone my dinner with her till next Monday. Still puzzled why the school is conducting a class on a Sunday...... wonder if I can concentrate.

Since I won't be seeing her tomorrow, I've made a 30 sec special dedication to her on a video via Animoto. Hopefully, my brother who is now in Houston, will also get to watch this.

Be sure to keep me posted on how you've celebrated your Mother's Day. Stay tuned for my updates on my dinner celebration on Monday.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom! I hope you'll have a nice dinner on Monday :). Have a great week and happy Mother's Day, Shirley.

  2. Thks Rosidah, I've enjoyed my dinner with mum :) Hope u're having fun with your holiday...

    Dintoons, thks for wishes! Posted a comment on your blog :)

  3. I'm so sorry that you've to study on a weekend. I took your suggestion & cooked for my mother yesterday using one of your recipes & she enjoyed her dinner.

    Thank you, Blackswan, you're so creative!

  4. Oh u did?? Thks for trying & I'm glad she liked it.


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