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How To Take Care Of Your $500 Shoe

Shoes, shoes, shoes……. one of my favourite topics. Needless to say, I’m a shoe fanatic. I’ve a weakness for shoes, to the extent that my hubby had to limit me to a max of 3 pairs at one go during our regular shopping trips when we first got married. I remember my very first pair of pricey sandal was a red pair of Scholl which cost me more than S$50 in the early 80s when I was in my sweet sixteen, using my own pocket money. It looked somewhat like the one in this pix except that it’s wider & completely flat with a lighter shade of orangey red. It was a fad at that time. Soon, I graduated from Scholl & progressed to Charles Jourdan, then Ferragamo to Chanel etc.

When someone's buying expensive shoes, he's usually paying for the brand name, as well as for quality craftsmanship. But after immersing yourself in the most luxurious designer shoes in the world, don’t you think you’ve to pamper them?

This is a pair of Chanel ballerina flats that I’ve bought from London some years back @ about S$700 & this sophisticated lady is still resting elegantly in my shoe wardrobe. So what are the rules to keep your shoes in condition as good as new?THE GOLDEN RULES FOR SHOE CARE
  • A new pair of shoes should never be worn for many consecutive hours. Once your feet are completely accustomed to the shoes, you can begin to wear them all day.
  • Never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Let them rest for at least a day before wearing them again.
  • Try & use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes.
  • Before removing a lace-up shoe, loosen the laces completely so the shoe slips off more easily.
  • Once shoes are taken off, insert the made-to-measure shoetrees or the “moulded” paper that comes with it.
  • Shoetrees should also be used when shoes are wet from rain. In this case, the shoes should not be rested on the soles but on their sides & left to dry for an entire day.
  • Each time you wear a pair of shoes they should be cleaned & polished, even when they still look shiny.
  • If a pair of shoes aren’t worn for some time, coat them with a thin layer of polish & put them in the cloth bag provided in the box.
Well, at the end of the day, it's important that you don't buy a shoe just because of the name. Buy a shoe based on how it fits & how comfortable it is. When wearing a shoe, the Italian tag isn't going to do your feet any good.

Do you have better tips? Share your suggestions here with other shoe lovers.  Be sure to read on Caring for Patent Leather Shoes too!

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