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Have an Enjoyable Flight!

As we all know, cabin pressure changes during flight & minor pressure adjustments during take-off & landing can sometimes cause discomforts such as "blocked" ears. Unfortunately, the experience of travelling to the other side of the world can sometimes be a stressful & exhausting affair. Plus, air quality, noise & that cramp "cattle-class" seat is certainly not conducive to a sleeping environment.

Flying can also be a stress especially when travelling with children on long-haul flights. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the rigors of flying, so parents need to plan for novelty & special care & planning should be carried out to ensure a healthy trip. I remember having to load a full trolley bag of toys & snacks when taking my 2yr-old son to the US for a 10-day family trip. It was no joke at all.

Today, I'm gonna share with you some tips for a stress-free flight:
- You'll sometimes find some airlines offering candies to passengers before take-off/landing. Sucking candies can help combat "blocked ears". You can also try the Valsalva Manoeuvre method by pinching your nose & blow, which 'pops' your ears.

- Try to feed your baby during take-off & landing to avoid baby's ears popping, otherwise allow them to suck on a pacifier.
- Always eat & drink in moderation during a long-haul flight. As cabin pressure falls, the air in the intestines expands & causes mild bloating & discomfort.

- Keep yourself fully hydrated at all times by drinking lots of water.

- Avoid excessive alcohol. Alcohol will not get rid of fears but often exacerbates them; it'll also leave you dehydrated.
- Short naps during flight helps counter jet lag, which is almost unavoidable when you travel across times zones. Upon arrival, adopt local time immediately.

- To relieve stress, picture yourself in a tropical beach. Breathe in steadily, hold your breathe momentarily & breathe out steadily. Do it for about 10 mins. Take turns to relax each body parts. Your pulse & breathing rates should reduce in no time & tension will gradually go off.
- You often hear the word "DVT" these days. Deep Vein Thromobosis is a blood clot that forms in the deep veins with the calf & leg muscles. Warning signs are pain in the leg muscles, redness & swelling of skin. If blood clot moves to the lung, breathing difficulties can occur. Notify the cabin staff immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

- Take regular walks around the cabin except when fasten seat-belt sign is on.

- While pregnant women need not be restricted from flying, they should also be aware that flying carries a greater health risk to the baby & mother than the average passenger. Avoiding immobility for the duration of the flight is paramount for expectant mothers, as the viscosity of their blood tends to increase. Try walking around the plane at regular intervals.

- Request for Child Meal during reservations. Your kids will love it. It normally comes in an attractive box loaded with snacks & meals that appeal to children. This will keep your hands free for some time.


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