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Enjoyable Steamboat/BBQ on Mother's Day

I'd a belated Mother's Day celebration as I was attending a full-day training yesterday. It was a wonderful Steamboat/BBQ dinner with my family & my dearest 80 yr-old mum.
I woke up early & went marketing with my son this morning. It was really sweet of Jon to accompany me. You know how teenagers are these days, not many will wanna go to the market with their mothers. We planned to have Steamboat/BBQ & Jon helped me with the preparation after returning from the supermart.

Tonight's meal mainly consists of seafood as my mum has difficulty chewing meat. While I was preparing the stock for the steamboat & marinating the seafood, Jon helped with the skewers.

Stock: Chicken bones, Fish Maw, Corn

Vegetables: Tiensin cabbage, Watercress & Enoki mushrooms
BBQ: Japanese Goma Shabu
Steamboat: Soya sauce, red-cut chilli, slice garlic, seasame oil
Beancurd Pouch (TauPok)
This is another family's all-time favourite. Fill the pouches with your fave ingredients:
6 Taupok
1 Chinese sausage
1 fish cake
1 hard-boiled egg
Parsley/Spring onion
3 tbsp mayonnaise Dice all ingredients & mix well with mayonnaise. Slit open the pouch & stuff fillings.

Remove shells & devein prawns. Marinate with crushed lemongrass & pinch of salt.

Remove skin & insides. Cut into rings.
Spicy: Mix squid with chopped onion, chilli, garlic & lime
Non-spicy: Mix squid with soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil

Fish Slices
Marinate with salt, pepper & sesame oil.
- 2 types of fish balls + Cherry tomato
- Pork ball & quail eggs
- Pork with Lady Fingers & Shitake Skewer
Marinate pork with oyster sauce, Chinese wine & pepper. Butter the lady fingers & wrap them with pork slices. Butter the shitake mushrooms. The Steamboat/BBQ idea was a good one as there were lots of interaction going on at the dinner table. Most importantly, there were laughter, fun & warmth.I really had a great time bonding with my son today, both of us having fun in the kitchen. I also treasure the time spent with my mum since she's not living with me. I hope you've enjoyed your Mother's Day too


  1. I really like your blog, I get to see so many foods that I would never ordinarly see. This looks like a fantastic meal.

  2. Wow, nice food. And you have got a very nice cake stand to display your taupok. i loves it.

  3. Your posts are always amazing! and this one did not disapoint. a happy Mother's Day indeed! love it, best, s

  4. You are so sweet...and I think your specially prepared meal is the best Mother's Day treat!
    I bet your mom has a real good time!

  5. What a lovely Mother's Day dinner! Have a great day, Shirley :)

  6. What a feast. A lovely way to spend time with family.


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