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Travel: Luxury Shopping & Good Buys in Tokyo

Day 4 (Omotesando/Harajuku/Ameyoko):

Burberry Blue Label was the first thing on my mind when I woke up. Had a quick pasta meal & took a train to Meiji-jingu station, my next BBL stop.The famous "fashion-trendsetting" area is located around Aoyama, Omotesando & Harajuku. The latest fashion designers & apparel retailers come & define their business base here. Omotesando is where the international high-quality stores converge & the area is often used for photographing models for magazines.

The BBL store here is just as big. This is the one I often pop by when in Tokyo. I've no interest in BBL bags so I went direct to the clothes section. Took some time to browse around & spotted this stylish short coat.

It looked a little like a Burberry trench coat that I have, except that mine is longer & came with a hood. I bought the coat more than 10yrs ago & it still look as good as new. This shorter version has 2 ways to wear the collar & the detachable inner lining has buttons instead of a zipper.

Look at their packaging. Although the coat didn't come with the Burberry signature hanger & garment bag, it came with the BBL very own cute garment bag with ribbons. They even put a plastic wrap over the paper bag. Oh, don't forgot to carry your passport with you cause you'll get a 5% tax rebate on the spot!

After the BBL stop, I took a stroll along Omotesando down to Harajuku. The gorgeous boulevard of Omotesando, often called the Japanese Champs Elysees, attracts many nostalgic foreigners. Beginning with Louis Vuitton & the Esquisse Omotesando building complex, which offers all the luxury brand names like Chanel & Gucci, Omotesando offers you dozens of different brand names.

Here, the immaculate streets look like they’re steam-cleaned nightly & every shopper looks American Express Black-card wealthy. After walking & walking, take a load off & rest your sore feet at any of the lovely street cafes here.

Every Sunday, many young people dress in a variety of styles that include gothic lolita & cosplay, among others, spend the day in Harajuku socializing.

The popular Harajuku is not only about teenage culture, there're lots of cheap & nice food there. Takeshita Dori is a narrow, roughly 400 meter long street lined by shops, boutiques, cafes & fast food outlets targeting Tokyo's teenagers. Since I've only got 48hrs in Tokyo, I chose to skip Takeshita Dori this time & went in search of my Fancl store. There's just too much to do with so little time.

Good Buy: Tense Up EX. I stopped by a Fancl outlet here to check out my collagen drink. This is a popular product among airline crew. It's an intensive care to firmer, smoother & more radiant skin. Apparently, this refreshing fruity beverage containing Fancl's original creation, HTC Collagen, is more easily absorbed & boosts collagen synthesis far more effectively than normal collagen.

This drink costs S$7 a bottle or S$61.50 for a box (10 bottles) here in Singapore. Guess what? Despite the high Yen, it only cost ¥2,650 for this box of collagen, which is about S$4/bottle!

I went back to my hotel to drop off my stuff before heading to Ameyoko, a place I must go in Japan for my snacks. Various products such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried food & spices are sold here. This is a place to go if you enjoy cheap stuff.

Look at the incredible prices of these fresh seafood. Sooooo cheap! If only I could carry them home, which I did, once. I bought Mentaiko back to Singapore but it was messy & troublesome .......

Prices of Japanese snacks here are much cheaper than in the supermarkets & you'll be spoilt for choices.

Most snacks here cost less than ¥300 except for the Wasabi Pistachio which is ¥800.
I'd planned to recount the full day itinerary in this post but I'm getting tired. So please head over to Fine Dining at Ginza, Tokyo for more of Japan!  


  1. Hi! I've never been to Japan but I like coming to your site to see the places you're visiting, it makes me feel like I'm there touring along with you! Thanks!! :D

  2. Thks for visiting & do come back for more :)

  3. We are loving this trip!! So interested in the collagen drink? Can y ou actually see a difference? Is it healthy to drink it? You are doing such a fine job bringing it all to us. best from Santa Barbara, s

  4. What a fun tour of Tokyo shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Stockwell, I think u should be able to get the Fancl drink in your city. Not sure if it's working tho' but I take a whole of vitamins plus SK-II just to stay young. LOL! Women, women..... sigh!

    5 Star Foodie, thks for joining me on this tour & look out for more:)

  6. Didn't know is so cheap to get Fancl Collagen drink in Japan. I have just finished my last bottle.... I am also not sure if it works, but it tast real good.

  7. Agapejen, must agree that the Fancl drink is so yummy. Don't try the Shiseido one, taste is terrible. Tried that in Japan :<


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