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Travel: Fukuoka, Japan in 48 Hours

Day 1:
It was a smooth 6 hrs overnight flight on Boeing 777-200 to Fukuoka, with me watching the award-winning Japanese movie "Departures" or ”おくりびと”, while my stewardess friend worked through the flight. Juliet has been flying with Singapore Airlines for 25yrs. She has 48hrs in Fukuoka & has invited me to join her for this trip, which I gladly tagged along. fukuoka
I've been to Fukuoka many times but the last was more than 10yrs ago. Fukuoka, the largest city on the island of Kyushu, has a moderate climate & it's bordered on three sides by mountains & opens on the north to the sea. It's a beautiful city with nature where visitors can enjoy some buildings with green in the urban center & flowers in full bloom all throughout the year in an island of the Hakata Bay.

The plane landed around 8 in the morning. Juliet & I took a short nap upon checking into Grand Hyatt. Lunch was at Canal City Hakata, a large shopping & entertainment complex connected to the hotel by a walkway.

We were greeted by colourful display of animals made out of flowers at the lobby. The theme "Flowers - Animal Garden" is from March 20 - May 6. Take a moment to admire the hardwork behind these arts. fukuoka animal garden fukuoka flowers animal garden fukuoka animal gardensAfter taking pictures at the Animal Garden, we headed for a quick meal of Tempura Soba, as we wanted to make full use of the time to go around.

At Hakata, you can take buses that conveniently bring you around the city which cost only ¥100. We took the bus to our first stop, Tenjin, which was just minutes away from Hyatt. Bustling with energy, Tenjin is Fukuoka's principal commercial center. There're a large number of shops & department stores such as Daimaru, Mitsukoshi. Tenjin is the Fukuoka's largest shopping district, the underground shopping arcade that brings the wares of the world to Fukuoka.

Good Buys: Found these classy glass & porcelain kitchen wares at a ¥105 shop. It's really not a good time to visit Japan this time with the yen at its high, but you still can find some bargains around. fukuoka tenjin shopping fukuoka tenjin hakata shoppingIt's such a joy going to the supermarkets in Japan cause they always have this 'food-tasting' culture. We spent our time there nibbling a variety of pastries & local products. The regional product Hakata is famous for, is the spicy #Mentaiko (明太子) or cod roe condiment.
shoppingMentaiko is the most popular souvenir in Fukuoka. It's cod ovum slowly marinated in chilli pepper sauce. Its spicy rich flavour is very appetizing & go well with rice. You can also enjoy it with drinks. They're also popular as special ingredient for spaghetti & pizza.

Check out this delicious Baked Hotate Mentaiyaki Recipe (帆立の明太焼き)!

We had an early night as Juliet has to catch up with her beauty sleep since she has been working through the night before. She suggested we use her newly-bought Korean slimming face mask. We applied the gel on our face & slept with it. We'd planned to wake up early to go to the Fukuoka Castle Ruins the next day.......


  1. Wow, beautiful flowers arrangement.

    I'm recommending to readers:

    If you have a chance, do visit Singapore Sentosa's Island during the Chinese New Year period. Every year there will be a "FLOWER FESTIVAL" whereby there's an exhibition of flowers arrangement like this too. It's just as awesome!

  2. Greetings!
    Whereas I love Japanese food and shirako, mentaiko is one of the only Japanese delicacies I would not eat!LOL
    Greta report!

  3. Hello~i'm come from taiwan.
    I love travel to japen. I wash can go to Fukuoka next time. thank your article let me to know some information.

  4. deli simplicity, thks for ur recommendation :)

    shizuokagourmet, still wondering wat's with mentaiko that u can't eat....

    Screamin' Mama, me too! I'd visit Japan very now & then.

    Freda, thks for visiting & stay tuned for my next posts on Tokyo!

  5. hello~I'm come from Taiwan.
    I love travels very mach. I wish can go to japen. your article help me to know some information. thanks.

  6. Very interesting! We loved this post. We have been curious about those dishes? Best from Santa Barbara, s

  7.`s like very interesting go travel to fukuoka!!!
    even i haven`t go there

    also, the panda is so cute ^^ haha

  8. Thks for visiting, Daniel! U've an interesting site :)


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