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Travel: Fine Dining @ Ginza, Tokyo

Day 4: hama steak house tokyo
I was invited to the authentic Hama Steak House @ Ginza by an old friend of mine for dinner. This cozy old-establishment with a team of all-male servers, started in 1971 & prides themselves using the best quality of beef roast & fillet to provide the best steak in front of customers. I was waltzed into a rich-wood, high-society atmosphere, with an experience of style, fine delicacies & serenity. I later learnt that the restaurant entertains celebrities & diplomats when they're in town.

I was looking forward to enjoying the art of grilling, teppanyaki style. I was pleased to be presented the recommended Chef's Course, as it embraced all my favourite food. Best part, I don't have to crack my head, deciding which to pick.
hama steak house tokyo menu hama steak house tokyo teppanyaki menu
Special of the Day was Chilled Pumpkin Soup. Wonder if it's the trend now. Everywhere I go, even in Singapore, I seemed to be getting this Pumpkin Soup. Not that I'm complaining, the soup is delicious..... but is it a fad? hama steak house tokyo pumpkin soupThe appetizer was nothing peculiar. Maybe I wasn't interested at all as I was distracted by the Chef bringing out the fresh Foie Gras. I was getting impatient & I tried hard not to show my excitement. I can never get enough of this precious 'jewel'.

The moment has finally arrived. The Chef politely greeted us & started preparing MY Foie Gras. It was a joy watching him treating the gourmet with such tender, loving care. hama steak house ginza tokyo teppanyakiIt's Foie-gras-licious, one of the tastiest Teppan Foie Gras I've ever eaten. It was well pan-fried to perfection so much so that I was afraid the exquisite foie gras convergence may never happen again. hama steak house tokyo foie grasThe next dish, Sauteed seafood - King Crabmeat, was also another brilliant selection. I don't need any sauce at all to go with this fresh, juicy crabmeat. Gosh, it was so tasty! hama steak house tokyo king crabGood food just kept coming. I could see the fresh Abalone wriggled as the Chef put it onto the grill. hama steak house tokyo teppanyaki abaloneSuddenly, my Japanese friend alerted me when a young, sexy blonde hostess flashed passed us, together with a middle-age man. The couple was ushered into a private room. Oops! I meant a VIP dining area. My friend explained, couple of night clubs share the same building. So it's not an unusual sight to see rich men taking the karaoke hostesses or "mama-san" to dine here. But I wasn't really bothered as they were quite discreet. Besides, one or two doesn't spoil the lovely ambience I was having.

The commotion was interrupted by the Chef. Yes, my Abalone was ready. At the suggestion of the Chef, I dipped the pieces of Abalone into a home-made sauce. Wow! The combination of both titillated my tastebuds & I was flushing with gratitude. hama steak house tokyo abaloneLook at how beautifully the Chef had lined the garlic together with the Sauteed Asparagus. It was truly a gastronomic work of art that pleases both eye & palate.hama steak house tokyo japanese teppanyakiThe Chef presented us our premium beef & proudly invited me to snap a picture, which I did. I chose to have the Tenderloin while my friend preferred Sirloin. hama steak house tokyo wagyu beefThe Chef explained it's the finest Japanese black cattle beef (A-5) & certainly it was. The beef melted in my mouth without me having to chew. I may have exaggerated a little but it's true. At medium-well, the cut was tender & juicy & it was so appetizing. hama steak house tokyo teppanyaki wagyu beefGood times must come to an end. The meal concluded with the usual Garlic Rice & Miso with Clams. hama steak house tokyo miso clam soupWe were then ushered to a separate lounge area to have our desserts & coffee/tea. hama steak house lounge tokyoDinner was gorgeous & needless to say, service was flawless.  A top-notch Chef Course @ ¥18,900 or US$200 per person, which includes some of the world's finest gems, plus diligent Chefs & excellent servers, it's not an unreasonable price to call for especially in an expensive country like Japan. I was satisfied & speechless. Day 5 continues with Fly The World's Largest Plane - A380!

Updated Dec 2017: Hama Steak House Roppongi Teppanyaki Review ( ステーキハウス ハマ 六本木 )

Hama Steak House
No.5 Paul-Star Bldg
7F, 7-6-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: (03) 3573 0916
Access: 7 min walk from Ginza station


  1. I enjoyed viewing these tasty dishes. Have a great day, Shirley :)

  2. How beautiful. I have never eaten at place even remotely like that, so its very cool to see your pictures!

  3. How elegant and yet simple. Thank you for the pictures of your beautiful meal.:) I've been in Japanese steak houses, but this is different. We don't get foix gras in the ones we have here.:) Or abalone.:) I have had shrimp and lobster, though.

  4. It's really hard taking pictures in the dim-lighting condition with my 8 megapixel camera. Wonder if anyone has better tips on photo taking...

    Thks Rosidah & Heavenly Housewife! Have a great weekend!

  5. We are a small cooking school and the chefs love your posts! We charge $150. for our classes. We did have Ann Willen from France and charged 200.? The experience is so worth it. Thanks for all, best, s

  6. Ditto on one of the commenters. Very simple,yet delicious looking commonly found menu in many restaurants. Would I throw down 18000

  7. McAlphine, thks for dropping by!

  8. All your photos showed very delicious looking dishes!

    1. Jeannie, they taste good too! U must visit the restaurant if you've the chance.


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