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Travel: Burberry Blue Label In Ginza

burberry blue label tokyoginza shiseido parlourDay 3 (Burberry Blue Label @ Ginza, & Fine Dining @ Shiseido Parlour):

Woke up early to check the latest news on ANA. I was worried cause the airline was on strike the night before. I'd to ensure my flight was operating & that I can fly to Tokyo safely. It was a such a relief when the concierge informed me that all flights returned to normal.

Juliet & I went our separate ways. She had to return to S'pore, while I took the domestic flight to Tokyo alone. While at the domestic airport, I noticed that all flight announcements were made only in Japanese. Even though I've finished with an advanced in the language, I'd to listen carefully at the continuous announcements just to ensure there were no last minute changes. It's really tough for non-Japanese speakers to fly domestic or to move around the airport.

Flight time was just an hour half & it was soon over. I'd chosen to land at Haneda airport as it's much nearer to the Conrad Tokyo. The ride was just 15mins & but look at the fare! There're two places in the world that one shouldn't resort to taking cabs unless necessary - London & Japan. japan taxi meter fareI got out of the hotel as soon as I checked in. I reminded myself, I just have another 48hrs here..... so scram.

My first stop was to head straight to Burberry Blue Label at Ginza to check out the latest fashion. This is like a 'must-do' whenever I visit Tokyo. You can't find Burberry Blue Label in other parts of the world except Japan. The prices are cheaper than Burberry but sizes are much smaller. I guess it's because it's catered to a younger crowd, but that doesn't stop me from visiting.

It was love-at-first-sight for this pretty dress. I tried & sure looked good in it with its figure-hugging cut but it's definitely too young for me. Gosh! Wish I was 10yrs younger.
burberry blue label ginza Then I saw this chic denim coat. It's so unique & I love the roll-up cuffs. I chatted with a sweet Japanese sales staff, who told me they carry different designs & colours at other outlets. Hence, I decided to pop by the boutique @ Omotesando since I'd be heading to Harajuku the next day.
burberry blue label trench coatMy feet were aching & I longed for a foot massage. I stumbled upon this parlour & requested for a 30-min session. Prices were stiff but my feet forbade me to think wisely. tokyo foot massage tokyo foot reflexology pricesI was invited for dinner at the Shiseido Parlour at Ginza. Wow! I didn't know Shiseido is in the food business too, & own the whole damn building in the swanky Ginza. Gosh, I was impressed! ginza shiseido parlourI was told the parlour was established in 1902. The entire building consists of a lounge, gallery, restaurants & even a salon. Our restaurant was located on the 5th flr & the elevator brought us right up to the restaurant's doorstep. Friendly staff greeted us & offered to take our coats. The ambience is cozy & it can be felt from the moment we entered the nifty restaurant.ginza shiseido parlour fine diningMy friend & I each ordered a different cocktail - The 'Sakura Mony' & 'Plum Cooler' @ ¥840 each. I prefer the Plum Cooler which is a mixture of Plum Wine & Ginger Ale. ginza shiseido parlour cocktails
Starter for me was Assorted Hors-d'oeuvres @ ¥2,250.ginza shiseido parlour appetizers
I was delighted with the selection of roast beef, smoked duck, parma ham, sashimi. It was simply delicious. ginza shiseido parlour dining platterFor main course, I chose the Roasted Seafood with Sauteed Tomato & Green Salad @ ¥2,620. ginza shiseido parlour seafoodThe dish comprised of a crab claw & scallop with lots of greens & I was happy with my choice. ginza shiseido parlour crab clawThe Strawberry Parfait @ ¥1,680 was simply too sweet. ginza shiseido parlour strawberry parfait dessertI picked that simply because it was written on the menu as '人気No.1です', meaning 'Most popular choice'. ginza shiseido parlour menuI was delighted to be presented a small bouquet of flowers just before leaving the parlour. ginza shiseido parlour flowersWell, dinner was really nice. I thanked my friend for the wonderful meal & went back to my hotel. When I returned to my room & finally had time to settle down, I saw this cute little teddy sitting on my bed. For a moment, I've completely forgotten about my Conrad bear collection. This bear looked different from the others I have, this is much smaller & it's so cute. I immediately dashed to the shower room to find my rubber duckling. I like this white one, compared to the yellow ducklings. I'm pleased & I felt like a big kid. This is one joy I find when staying at the Conrad.  Over over to more Luxury Shopping and Good Buys in Tokyo!


  1. Hi Shirley! Looks like you have a great time traveling. Best wishes :)

  2. How absolutely fabulous, I'm jealous! Food and a foot rub fashionista style!

  3. The roasted seafood salad sounds excellent! Great meal!

  4. Yes not only does Shiseido has restaurants in Tokyo, they even have a Michelin 3 star restaurant - L'osier. You were so close to it...

  5. Oh, they do?? L'osier... will keep this in mind. Thks!


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