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Tips: Save Money & Planet!

Discover the power of saving in this economic downturn & let's change our habits. We may already know some of these useful tips but let's put into action. Here's 15 tips to beat the #recession blues:
  1. Repair leaks immediately to prevent unnecessary water wastage.

  2. Cut out coupons in magazines & newspapers. They can save you quite a bit.

  3. Wash your dishes & vegetables in the sink instead of under a running tap.

  4. Accumulate your clothes & wash on full load.

  5. Leave your plants outdoors at night to catch the morning dew.

  6. Be mindful about leaving unused power & lights on. Turn them off when not in use.

  7. Do not dispose unused wines. Instead, use them for cooking which adds as an enhancement for flavours.

  8. Borrow books from the library or visit 2nd-hand bookstores.

  9. Continue to promote #EarthHour. Use tealights to light up your home. Body Shop has a wide range of essential oils for various purposes like Lavender for relaxation, Citronella to drive away mosquitoes, Eucalyptus & Peppermint for Flu etc.

  10. Recycle printing papers to use as scrap.

  11. Avoid buying bottled water. In countries like Singapore, clean & drinkable water is available right from our taps.

  12. Swop your regular light bulbs for energy-saving ones.

  13. Carry a recycled bag to the supermarket to contain your groceries.

  14. #Recycle envelopes. I'm using the A4 ones to store my travel brochures & equipment manuals etc.

  15. And the latest, which I've learnt: Water heaters need not be turned on 24/7. Just turn it on 10mins before each use. Gosh! God knows how much I've been charged all these years for leaving it on. Gonna monitor the drop in my next month's utility bill.
#Singapore has a reputation for being a clean & green city. Do not mar that beauty by littering. It could be just a can, tissue or food wrapper but you can make a diference. Let's make an effort by disposing these trash into respective recycled bins whenever we spot one.
Better ideas? Please feel free to post your suggestions here & keep the list of tips going......

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