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Recipe: Deep-Fried Mussels

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I found some really nice & cheap mussels at the supermarket & was in a mood for some unhealthy indulgence. I love those at Mos Burgers but at a price of S$3.30 for 5 pieces, it's much more economical to D.I.Y.

The tray of mussels I bought today was just S$1 for 500g. There were about 18 pieces. Wow! Of course, I've no doubt the quality difference but at just a dollar for some fresh mussels, it's good enough. After all, I'm gonna deep-fry them anyway.

To enhance the taste, I marinated the mussels with mayonnaise, coated them with breadcrumbs, then deep-fried. It didn't turn out too well, there wasn't enough crunch. Unsatisfied, I took a couple more marinated ones, rolled them in crumbs, dipped into beaten egg, coated with breadcrumbs again, then deep-fried.

The result: Perfect! Love it & my hubby gave it a 5/5 rating! Try it & give me your ratings......

500g mussels
1 egg
80g breadcrumbs
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp salt for mussels
1 lemon wedge
Cooking oil

  1. Throw away any mussels that have broken shells. If shells are opened, tap on them. If it’s alive, it’ll close else discard.
  2. Ligthly blanch mussels with salt water to open & purging them of sand. Clean & debeard shells, open them up & detach mussels.
  3. Rinse the mussels & drain. Mixed mussels with mayonnaise.
  4. Add pepper to breadcrumbs.
  5. Roll mussels in breadcrumbs, dip into beaten egg & coat with crumbs again.
  6. Deep-fry till golden brown. Squeeze lemon wedge just before serving...... and here's your tray of S$1 mussels.
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  1. This sounds yummy! Thanks for doing the experimenting for us. Thanks also for the nice words that you left as a comment on my blog. :)

  2. I really love your visual recipes. I will try to cook this delicious food :).

  3. Can not believe you bought all those mussels for a$1. Where did you go for that? anyway...we want some! We will try this one. Thanks, best, s

  4. Heart's Desire Jewelry, thks for visiting again.

    Rosidah, thks & let me know after you've tried.

    Ericriveracooks, thks for your comments. You've nice recipes too :)

    S.Stockwell, guess u're gonna sit there & get frustrated over my dollar buy or fly over to Singapore :) BTW, have you found your green melon (hairy gourd)? Maybe you can try Chinatown?
    Thks for visiting & love your blog!

  5. Hey, I left comments over at Blogpress :)
    You can get frozen oysters at Fassler @ Woodland Terrace. Prices are lower than market by about 15% or more. I bought a big bag last month, 12 bucks for 1kg if I didn't remember wrongly. :)

  6. i love mussels but i hate frying

  7. Shirley, I love these. Don't know why it never occurred to me to deep fry mussels. I must give this a try, I've got a pack of mussels waiting in my freezer. Always have seafood on hand for emergency meals or hot pot. Haha. Thanks for linking to this, Shirley :-D

    I ate some of my deep fried oysters dipped in Ponzu sauce also. Bet that would work well with these mussels as well. Can't wait to try.

  8. Lequan,I'm using mussels because it's so cheap compared to oysters. Hahaha!

    Ponzu sauce?? Oh, I love putting them into salad. Sounds like a great idea! Thks for coming by!


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