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Recipe: Award-winning Sexy Bacon Roll

Bacon is so unhealthy....... but I simply can't resist, especially streaky bacon. I remember years ago when I was in Las Vegas having breakfast buffet at the hotel, I ended up just snacking cripsy bacon for b'fast!

I learnt that bacon is so popular in the US that restaurants are organizing bacon & beer tasting nights etc. Commentators explained this interest in bacon by reference to what they deemed 'American cultural characteristics'.

Sarah Hepola, in a 2008 article in, suggested a number of reasons, one of them being eating bacon in the modern, health-conscious world is an act of rebellion: "Loving bacon is like shoving a middle finger in the face of all that is healthy & holy while an unfiltered cigarette smolders between your lips". Hepola concluded by saying that "Bacon is American".

Interesting, isn't it? Today, I'd like to share with you my Award-winning bacon recipe with prawns that's smacking good :) Top Buzz in a US Food Directory & Winner of Wacky Recipe Contest!

50g Prawns
6 slices of Streaky Bacon
2 Eggs
12 stalks of baby French beans
12 sticks of carrots
3 tbsp of corn flour
Pinch of salt & pepper to taste
  1. Remove prawn heads & shells & devein. Squeeze out roe, if any. It adds flavour. Rinse & drain prawns.
  2. Blend prawn with salt & pepper & mix well with roe.
  3. Spread prawn mixture on bacon, then lay vegetables on top .
  4. Roll bacon tightly.
  5. Coat bacon rolls with beaten eggs, then flour.
  6. Heat oil & deep-fry till crispy. Remove & serve.


  1. What a really interesting idea. Do you par boil the beans and carotts? leave them to be crunchy? good post. thanks. s

  2. Nope, I don't pre-cook the veg. It came out nice & crunchy :)

    Thks again, for visiting!

  3. Hi Shirley, This dish looks great. I think most people in the US just love great tasting food and even though it's not real healthy bacon tastes really good. I've recently found a bacon by Hormel that is naturally cured without nitrates and nitrites and it's pretty good. Found you on womens blogger. Congrats on the best blog award. Tracy

  4. My philosophy "Eat first, think later - Life's short". So I'm enjoying life while I can :)

    Thank u Tracy, for dropping by & hope to see u more often.

  5. Dear Backswan!
    greeting from Shizuoka, Japan!
    Bacon rolls seem to popular in may countries!
    They do have infinite possibilities!

  6. What a great idea. I might make those next time we do a sushi night to give the non-sushi eaters a treat too.

  7. Wow. I have never seen breaded, deep fried bacon. I might try this and just bake without frying. Shrimp and bacon are wonderful together.

  8. Wonderful idea! I love bacon! I'm going to try this!

  9. Robert-Gilles, 福岡の明太子高菜パスタはとてもおいしいです。。。

    Kristin, do try & let me know the outcome. Wish I have a conventional oven.

    Kim, thks for trying my recipe & hope u'll like it!

  10. Hi Eric, I'm sure the non-sushi diners will enjoy this crispy roll. Thks for visiting :)

  11. Thks Mindy, for visiting & the heads-up! I'll check it out later :)

  12. Yum. Bacon makes all things better!


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