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A Lazy Gourmet Quick Fix

What did you have for dinner? Well, my family & I just had a satisfying meal last nite using Lazy Gourmet’s fuss-free frozen packaged food, which was delivered right to my door-step earlier. It's an easy solution for the last-minute "What's for Dinner?" crisis.

Hubby & I love Spaghetti, so I opened up the Pork Medallions with Prunes to go with it.
'Serves one' indicated on the box, but it proved to be much more than expected. It was enough to feed the entire family of 3. It has huge, chunky pieces of tender pork, couple of potates & pitted prunes. We haven’t tried any meat dishes with prunes before, so we were not too receptive when we spotted the prunes. My hubby took a bite together with the pork & he liked it. He’s my guinea pig & I’ve grown to trust his taste. He put a spoonful into my mouth & yes, I enjoy it too. It wasn't as sweet as what we’d in mind, just a tint of the fruit’s existence.
This fuss-free meal was prepared in no time. Simply follow the reheating instructions at the back of the boxes, cook your pasta, mix with the sauces & you’re done.
My son’s meal took more time as he was fussy & wanted Gratin. So I picked the Mushroom Alfredo Sauce to make a Gratin for him. I combined 2 different types of cheese - Mozzarella & Cheddar, sprinkle on top of the Penne & sent it to grill. There was more than enough sauce, so I used a little to make a side dish - Crunchy Seafood Roll.
Our family’s favourite though, is the newly-created Seafood Rolls, using the Mushroom Alfredo Sauce. It was just a moment of spur. My son wanted something crispy to accompany his Penne, so I looked into the refrigerator for inspiration. I had a variety of seafood but I needed something else to give it a punch & water chestnuts were my first thought. But I didn’t have any at home, so I sent my hubby down to the supermarkets to get some. It was just 5mins walk away from our home. How convenient …….. Honestly, I did meet with some hiccups initially…….. the Alfredo Sauce wasn’t as thick as I thought, which means the pieces of mushrooms from the sauce & chestnuts will fall apart during 'moulding'. So I added some flour into the mixture & the shape came out nicely. I handled the rolls very carefully when frying & we ate while they were piping hot. It was delicious – crispy on the outside, creamy & crunchy on the inside. Mmmmm……. We love it!

It wasn’t just any quick fix at the end of the day, but a wholesome gourmet!

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